The Young and The Restless News Update: Camryn Grimes Answers Fans Filming Questions

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Young And The Restless: Camryn Grimes

CBS The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Camryn Grimes was having a day on Monday,  December 1. She tweeted this message: “Legitimately got asked this question on Instagram today and it pains me to say… it is absolutely not the first time. If you’ve ever lamented at and wondered why we still film even though we can’t hug/kiss… please watch.”

The Young And The Restless spoilers – Camryn Grimes Is Answering Fan Questions

She then answers the following fan question: “Why didn’t you guys wait to shoot until after COVID? Bc tihe social distance on screen Isnt it.”

In other words, the fan seems to be saying that the social distancing that takes place during filming is not all that. In fact, the social distancing rule is a requirement of all film and TV productions due to coronavirus pandemic prevention measures.

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The lovely and talented actress answered the question by saying, “Good point, fair point … I don’t want to be homeless and I would like to continue to feed myself.” Makes perfect sense to me!

Her fans were quick to share their own reactions with one saying, “That’s such a SELFISH question!!! That person’s enjoyment level is diminished, so they are basically asking you, “why ruin it for me?” Wow.”

Someone else wrote, “Good response! Noticed though that the Abby’s wedding episodes showed touching and closeness etc. (And not just between “Abby” and her real life hubby.) Did you guys have to take extra precautions for those episodes? Love the work you all do!!’

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One fan had this to say: “And the people who watch the show need the diversion of the show. And we want you all to be safe. I think you guys are doing a great job.”

And yet another fan said this: “I’d like to say that people are just NOT thinking clearly. Obviously, if a person doesn’t work, they don’t get paid! They believe that because you are an actress you must be loaded. It’s not fair that they don’t see you as a real person. You are a great person, don’t get down!”

One fan shared this sentiment: “The amount of people who complain about not having live scenes, hugging, kissing, etc., is mind-boggling! Uh, we’re in the midst of a pandemic! We should be happy that there’s any filming going on at all! You can’t please all of the people all of the time! I adore you!”

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