General Hospital News Update: Jon Lindstrom Moonlights As Days Of Our Lives’ Jack Deveraux

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Days Of Our Lives: John Lindstrom Days of Our Lives executives have enlisted John Lindstrom to fill in for Matthew Ashford in some of the new love scenes with Jack Deveraux and Jennifer Deveraux (Cady McClain). Jack and Jennifer have recently reunited which means they have a few close scenes currently on set. Days has chosen the option of using Cady’s spouse, Jon, who plays Kevin Collins and Ryan Chamberlain on General Hospital for these close scenes.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Soaps Need To Adapt

In this time of a global pandemic, Days of Our Lives executives have decided that using real-life spouses where they can to pull off any close scenes because of Covid concerns. This works out really well considering that Days and GH executive seem to get along pretty well when it comes to sharing stars. Fans know that Wally Kurth stars in both Days and GH. It wasn’t a big stretch for GH to loan Jon to Days for a few scenes. So far Jon has stood in as Jack but we have continued to see Matthew Ashford’s face. Will this continue or will Jon’s face eventually be the one you see?

DOOL Spoilers – It’s About Keeping Everyone Safe

Days of Our Lives executives know that the name of the game these days is keeping the stars safe. It isn’t necessary to show the face of the stand-in when it comes to intimate scenes. However, it is about keeping the stars in those scenes safe in the best way possible. Not every show wants to use mannequins as we saw on The Bold and The Beautiful. At least the mannequin was written into the storyline there. However, intimate scenes are hard to do with a fake person. Days certainly made the right choice in calling upon Jon to step in and help out.

Days Of Our Lives Comings & Goings Spoilers – Why Use Other People?

Days of Our Lives and other soaps should be about love in the afternoon. However, safety protocols don’t allow for intimate scenes of non-married couples. Soap fans want the stars to be safe as well and don’t want the production to shut down like it did last March. If involving other people is the only way to make that happen then so be it. Fans would rather have some love scenes, even if implied, than none at all.

Will Days of Our Lives continue to use Lindstrom in Ashford’s place? Could other stand-ins be used as well? Time will tell whether this setup continues or not. However, with no end in sight for this pandemic, it seems that stand-ins may be the wave of the future. Thank you General Hospital for the assistance with Jack and Jennifer’s reunion.

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  1. Miranda says

    Writers I’m telling you right now if Ava sleep with Ryan it’s over for me then I will burn GH set leave Ava and her husband alone she do not want him no more she want her husband Nik leave them both alone having the writers cause them trouble enough I’m sick of it leave Ava and her husband Ava no way in hell would Ava do something like that she does not want him she want nikolas it’s time for everybody to accept that she in love with her husband not the serial killer writers causing enough trouble as it is just them alone ava already lost her daughter Kiki people claim everybody been through enough what about Ava she been enough too just leave her with Nikolas plz or you studio is going up in flame can’t see what the fans/viewers doing they trying to keep Nikolas and Ava apart that’s what they trying to do they can’t even get one happy story it’s about somebody after them or kidnap why they writers put Nikolas and Ava together and declare their love for each other if they did not want them together but they decided too anyway why do it that what I want to know why did they Ava wants her husband and only her husband if GH writers do that to them I’m done and I will GH set of fire if I can’t get what I want nobody can there will be no GH leave Ava with Nikolas her husband

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