General Hospital Spoilers: Britt Accidentally Tells Peter Obrecht Is Alive, What Will He Do?

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General Hospital; Peter August (Wes Ramsey).General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that in Port Charles, NY as his wedding day to Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) inches closer and closer, panic will begin to set in with Peter August (Wes Ramsey). These aren’t the normal wedding jitters that Peter will likely experience. He’s already been on edge ever since Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) revealed that he’s is hearing Peter’s voice in his head, most likely because of residual memories from when Franco believed he was Drew Cain (Billy Miller).

General Hospital Spoilers – Drew Cain’s Memories Could Cause Peter August to lose everything!

As viewers know, Peter has been very careful in covering his past criminal behavior. He is responsible for Drew’s plane going down, leaving Drew presumed dead. He’s made assassination attempts on Franco in the past as well, even though he had a change of heart at the last minute and killed the hitman he hired. But now that Franco has told Peter about Drew’s memories, there is every chance that he might once again try to have Franco killed! But now that Peter and his half-sister, Dr. Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) have reconnected, there is every possibility Peter may discover another threat!

GH Spoilers – Dr. Britt Westbourne Recently Discovered Leisl O’Brecht Lurking Around General Hospital

Britt recently discovered her mother, Dr. Leisl O’Brecht lurking in the halls of General Hospital. Although she was at first convinced that her mother has escaped the WSB, O’Brecht was able to convince her that she was free and clear. She was in disguise because she wants to make Peter accountable for framing her for his crimes. Britt doesn’t want to believe that Peter is so dastardly, but for now, she is pleased to have her mother back in her life.

General Hospital Spoilers – Could Britt Westbourne Accidentally Tell Peter August About Her Mother’s Plan?

Although Britt agreed to keep her mother’s presence in Port Charles a secret, she has her own problems with Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) to deal with. There is every possibility that Britt will get so flustered, that she may accidentally slip up and reveal her mother is back in front of Peter! She’ll likely try to cover, but since she isn’t convinced of Peter’s guilt she might decide there is no harm in letting the cat out of the bag!

GH Spoilers – What Do You Think?

Will Peter try to kill Franco once again? Will Britt reveal that her mother is still alive? And who will be the one to finally take Peter down for his many crimes? Intrigue is in the water in Port Charles, so stay tuned to General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. And don’t forget to check back right here regularly for all your General Hospital news, information, and spoilers!

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  1. Rebecca Thompson says

    Peter already knows that Liesl is alive. He framed her but did not try to kill her. Peter will more than likely be concerned that Liesl is free if Britt tells him that Liesl has been cleared. Peter will at least know that Liesl would be coming after him which is a good thing. Liesl needs to be stopped from her path of revenge against Peter and Anna. She has been using Dante and Franco to go after Peter and they are both mentally impaired in some way. Dante needs to be stopped and given real treatment for his PTSD and deprogramming. Franco needs to get treatment for his cancerous brain tumor. Franco is hearing Peter’s voice but Peter is saying that he has no choice and that he is sorry. Peter may have had no choice with whatever Franco is remembering which might help the situation with Peter in the end. Peter did want Drew to have the flash drive to restore his memories. The situation with Peter and Liesl needs to be cleared. Peter and Maxie are about to have their daughter Lou. They should find a way to stay together and raise Lou, James, and Georgie. Maxie loves Peter and Liesl and needs them both. Peter and Maxie are getting closer to Britt which is good. Liesl could get back her position at the Invader and help Peter and Jackie go after Cyrus. They could find a way to get Cyrus out of General Hospital as Chairman of the Board. Peter could help Britt and Jason against Cyrus as well. It would be a much better situation for everyone involved especially Peter who needs to be in a better place.

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