Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Abby Attacks Gwen, Will She Try To Get Revenge?

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Days Of Our Lives: Abby Dimera (Marci Miller), Gwen Rizczech (Emily O’Brien) Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest Abby Dimera (Marci Miller) will attack Gwen Rizczech (Emily O’Brien) at Laura Horton’s (Jaime Lyn Bauer) funeral. Will Gwen try to get revenge but sending her to prison?

Gwen Rizczech Tried To Have Abby Dimera Arrested Before

Days of Our Lives Gwen has already tried to have Abby arrested when she blacked her eye. However, Gwen has also drugged Abby and nothing was done about it. Now that Abby has attacked Gwen again, Gwen could use this to try and have Abby put in jail. Gwen has been determined to hurt Abby in any way possible. Gwen is jealous of Abby and blames her for Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford) not being there for her. Gwen believes that Abby has always been the golden child and wants nothing more than to hurt her. Gwen has slept with Abby’s husband. Gwen has tried to put Abby back into Bayview. Gwen has framed other people for hurting Abby. Gwen has done everything possible to destroy Abby’s family.

Abby Dimera Wants Gwen Rizczech To Pay

Days of Our Lives Abby wants Gwen to pay for drugging her. Abby wants Gwen to pay for tricking Chad into sleeping with her. Abby would be glad if Gwen was not in the picture at all. Gwen has completely disrupted Abby’s life and now her grandmother turns up dead in Gwen’s room. Abby knows that this situation isn’t as innocent as Gwen tries to make it seem. Abby is also upset that her father is taking Gwen’s side in this. Will Abby prove that Gwen killed her grandmother? Will Gwen find a way to get rid of Abby before the truth can come out?

Gwen Rizczech Is Evil

Days of Our Lives Gwen went after Laura with a vengeance when she tied to leave her hotel room. Laura had said her piece and wanted to leave but Gwen wasn’t about to allow that. Gwen told Laura that she wasn’t going to get by that easily and she made sure that Laura didn’t leave. Afterward, Gwen acted as if she was surprised to see what happened and called Jack for help. Abby believes this is just another way to come between her and her family. Abby feels that Gwen has succeeded in making yet another dent in her family’s structure. Will Gwen take it a step further and try to put Abby away now that she has confronted her?

Gwen needs Abby out of the way and will get rid of her in any way possible. Is Abby’s attack on Gwen helping her to accomplish her goal?

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