Royal Family News: Prince Harry ‘Surprised And Disappointed’ Queen Elizabeth Took His Toys Away

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British royal family news divulges that Prince Harry has that dropped ice cream cone feeling after all of his outrageous antics against the royal family has finally resulted in just desserts.

Experts are saying that the Fresh Prince of Montecito is disappointed after his and Meghan Markle’s royal patronages were officially removed by Queen Elizabeth on Friday.

No one was surprised at the decision except for Harry apparently, who blithely announced hours earlier that he and Meghan had booked a tell-all interview with Oprah during which they will air their grievances against his family.

Royal Family News – One Expert Says That Prince Harry Is Disappointed

Royal expert Katie Nicholl has talked and written about the royals for years and she brings a unique perspective to the unprecedented situation.

It was reported that the Queen was blindsided by the cheerful announcement that Harry and Meghan were going on Oprah’s infamous couch. It was days later that the palace announced that the Queen had informed the Sussexes of her decision regarding their status as working royals.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Is Said To Be Disappointed

Her announcement noted that it was impossible for the pair, “to continue with the responsibilities and duties that come with a life of public service,” owing to their rapacious appetite to make money. It was their desire for “financial freedom” that led them to abandon their family and the UK and come to America where they have sold their brand far and wide.

As the queen stated, selling out one’s royal name just doesn’t jibe with also presenting oneself as a serious, committed senior royal.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Is No Longer A Working Royal

As a result, it is being said that Harry and Meghan are “deeply disappointed by the Queen’s decision to strip them of their royal patronages.” They allegedly believed they could rule the roost over public UK charities while racking up the private bucks in the US. In particular is said that they had hoped to have a role within the Commonwealth, even though they have publicly criticized the queen for how she runs the organization.

According to The Mirror, the Oprah interview is being re-edited following the announcement about their patronages. That’s because “things have significantly changed for them since they eagerly sat for Winfrey and poured their hearts out.”

Today we all hear the violins, the actual symphony should be astounding.

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