Royal Family News: Harry And Meghan Urged To Postpone Oprah Interview Out Of Respect For Prince Philip

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British royal family news shows that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are being urged to postpone their blockbuster Oprah Winfrey interview after his grandfather, 99-year-old Prince Philip, is been transferred to a second hospital.

The Duke of Edinburgh has been battling an infection for over a week and now is being treated for a heart issue.

He was moved to St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in London for ‘testing and observation’ this morning after two weeks at the King Edward VII Hospital in Marylebone according to Buckingham Palace.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Has A Blockbuster Interview

Prince Philip was transferred due to a pre-existing heart condition’ hours after a tease of Markle’s bombshell interview with Oprah dropped.

Given Philip’s situation, royal experts and fans are urging the fame-hungry couple to stop the madness and postpone ‘out of respect.’

Royal watcher Richard Fitzwilliams told MailOnline, ‘In the circumstances, it would surely be appropriate to postpone the interview which Harry and Meghan are giving to Oprah, which is due to be aired on Sunday, as it involves an examination of the problems they faced when working royals.”

Royal Family News – Will Harry Capitulate?

‘Oprah is their friend and neighbor and would undoubtedly comply if asked and the gesture would I am sure be appreciated by the royal family. If an interview has been extended, as this recently has, it can also be postponed, as this undoubtedly should be.’

Royal watcher Robert Jobson concurred saying, ‘With the Duke of Edinburgh clearly very unwell, the fact that the couple plan to go ahead with airing their self-indulgent, no holds barred interview with chat show queen Oprah Winfrey makes them appear heartless, thoughtless and supremely selfish.’

He went on to explain, ‘For US broadcast network CBS this interview is a coup, all about securing big viewing figures and big advert sales around the airing of their exclusive interview. So even if they wanted to Harry and Meghan probably couldn’t dictate terms to Oprah Winfrey and the network now.’

‘Too much has been invested. I can’t see them having the clout to pull it. This the problem when royals swap big bucks for duty and sign up to big paying commercial contracts. They lose the power to dictate terms.’

Oprah has boasted that there will be ‘shocking’ revelations and ‘no subject off limits’ as the broadcast has been extended from 90 minutes to a two-hour special.

Sadly, it seems the horse is out of the barn where postponement, not to mention decorum, is concerned.

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