General Hospital Spoilers: Emme Rylan’s Announcement, Is Lulu Spencer Returning To GH?

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General Hospital; Emme RylanGeneral Hospital spoilers reveal that fans were shocked when Emme Rylan, as well as some other core actors, were let go from the long-running ABC soap. Lulu Spencer wasn’t killed off but is in a coma. So, she could wake up at any time. Perhaps that time is coming sooner rather than later? The actress just posted an update to Instagram that could answer that question.

General Hospital Spoilers – Core Actors Let Go

GH spoilers reveal that fans were not happy when the news came out that Wiliam deVry (Julian Jerome) and Emme Rylan were let go. Both actors made it clear to their social media followers that it was not their choice. Of course, there is always the chance that Emme could return and fans are hoping that she wakes up from her coma. It’s interesting because her name actually has been mentioned by current GH actors lately.

GH Spoilers – Dominic Zamprogna’s Statement

Just a few weeks ago, Dominic Zamprogna was answering questions about his character, Dante Falconeri, and the relationship with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco). When asked about a possible romance, the actor said that if Dante and Sam ended up together, that would probably be the time when Lulu would wake up. He also mentioned that Sam and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) are supposed to be “forever.” Maybe it was wishful thinking on our part, but it made us wonder if Zamprogna was giving fans a big hint of Emme’s return.

General Hospital Spoilers – Emme Rylan’s Announcement

General Hospital spoilers reveal that on Instagram, Rylan revealed that she is back in L.A. and back on schedule. She even dropped her kids off at school. As fans might be aware, after she was let go from GH, Rylan and her family went traveling. So, could her return to the city, as well as her talking about being “back on schedule” include her coming back to the ABC soap? She didn’t mention anything about work but was pretty excited about the silence in the car (every mom totally understands what she’s talking about!)


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GH Spoilers – Will Lulu Spencer Return?

There is no confirmation on if Lulu is going to wake up and if Rylan is coming back to the soap. However, fans are not happy about fan-favorite characters being let go. It seems to be happening on all four soaps. Not only are fan-favorites leaving, but so are legendary and iconic characters that should have front-burner storylines. So, perhaps GH is listening and bringing some back? We can only hope that Rylan will be brought back so Lulu can wake up from her coma. We will keep you posted on new developments and updated information about this situation.

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  1. Nana07 says

    Oh hell no! LuLu is a wasted character. Please, move on, and take Sam and Alexis with her.

    1. Lesley Fitzpatrick says

      HELL NO, Take The David Girls
      Out Especially Sam, Alexis Is A
      Drunk, Molly & Kristina Are Bores,
      & Sam Is A Crybaby, Then Please
      Get Rid Of Nasty Nina The Psycho
      Mom Of Nelle.

  2. Annie says


    1. Naomi Mckinnon says

      Happy for Lulu when she wake up and Dante need to be with Lulu not Sam. And Nina need to tell Michael and Carly everything about Sonny that he lose his memory and need to get his memory back ASAP and need to get Sonny back home ASAP. Carly need to listen as well being mother and wife when Sonny come back.

  3. Lesley Fitzpatrick says

    I Sure HOPE Emme Rylan Returns As LuLu
    Spencer Falconari Is Needed By Her Cast
    Mates Especially Her On Screen Kids & Her Fans.

  4. Annie says


  5. Misty says

    Please bring Lulu. Was there an agreement that when Dante would come back, they would take Lulu off the program because he can”t work with her? I remember when he came back with a mental problem, he left her by writing a letter asking for a divorce. Part of the explosion was to get them off the canvas. I hope that you bring Sonny back to Port Charles now . No more bad writing. No affairs with Sonny and Nina, etc, No putting Sonny in jail in that town to get him off the show also. If there is no more Maurice Benard as Sonny then there will be No more General Hospital on TV. I hope that is not the writers goal. Please bring back Lulu and Sonny.

  6. Lisa Miranda says

    Bring LuLu back wake her up now

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