Good Girls: Show Runners Tease Annie’s Dark, Dangerous Journey Ahead

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Good Girls: Annie Marks (Mae Whitman)While the premise of Good Girls follows the trio’s illegal lifestyle as a way to support their families, it seems Annie has gotten herself in much deeper this time than ever before with fans set to see her on a dark and dangerous journey ahead, as teased by showrunners.

In the season four premiere of the show, Beth worries Rio will pin Lucy’s murder on her as he holds a gun with her prints over her head. Rio is then called in to talk to the authorities, antagonizing Beth prior that he could easily make her take the fall. Venting to Ruby and Annie, Beth thinks Rio may go through with his threats this time. This of course would leave her kids without a mother.

Meanwhile, Annie is completely caught up in the Good Girls’ money-making endeavors as well as her love for her therapist. She starts to realize she has been neglecting Ben as she has no idea he has a ton of friends at his new school and recently threw a party at her ex’s home.

Good Girls News – Annie Attempts To Make Things Right

All of this seems to lead Annie to make the (possibly) deadly decision to offer herself up to take the fall for Beth. Of course, without her sister’s knowledge. Yes, Annie must have decided her sister has way too much to lose as well as to offer to those around her.

In the season premiere, Annie is seen getting into the car with Rio’s right-hand man for a personal meeting where she asks him for a favor. She wants to put her prints on the gun and take Beth’s place. While Annie’s decision is somewhat honorable it is also very dangerous.

Good Girls News – The Beginning Of What Could Be The End

As shared by Good Girls showrunners, Jenna Bans and Bill Krebs, this is the beginning of Annie trying to make things right but inevitably it will all go sideways.

“Annie is going to go on a personal journey,” Krebs shared with EW. “In seasons 1, 2, and 3, it was a lot about Annie’s impulsiveness and recklessness and her making bad decisions. Season 4 is now about Annie self-actualizing and kind of growing up.”

Good Girls News – Consequences Ahead For Annie

“This is the season that Annie learns to sort of be an adult and know that there’s consequences to all those bad decisions, and maybe she doesn’t need to have a guy in her life and maybe she doesn’t have to always live so impulsively,” Krebs shared.

“She makes amends for all her wrongs in the past — not just with her relationships with men, but also with her own sister, and that kind of gets her in hot water.” Added by Bans, fans will see Annie “in sort of a shocking situation.”

Will Annie be able to turn things around after attempting to do the right thing after all of these years?

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