Royal Family News: Buckingham Palace Appoints Lawyers To Probe Meghan Markle Bullying Claims

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Royal Family News: Buckingham Palace Appoints Lawyers To Probe Meghan Markle Bullying Claims
British Royal family news reveals, so, just how serious is the British Royal Family in supposedly trying to get its revenge on Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex? Serious enough that Buckingham Palace has already appointed lawyers to probe claims made that Meghan Markle had bullied her staff while she was still a full-time working royal. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Revenge – Buckingham Palace Appoints Lawyers To Probe Meghan Markle Bullying Claims

If Queen Elizabeth is trying to send out a message, it’s been received both loud and clear. While the palace first said that it was launching its own investigation on Prince Harry’s wife, it has now decided to use a third-party law firm to conduct the probe. This comes after several royal staffers claimed that Meghan bullied them so bad, that she reduced one to tears and pushed two others out the door. Things got so bad that Harry and Meghan’s former communications secretary Jason Knauf even had to file a report to human resources back in 2018.

The Duchess is also accused of creating a toxic work environment for up to ten more staffers, who have all reportedly agreed to tell their side of the story. Needless to say, this move will likely heighten tensions between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and the rest of the royal family, following their tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The investigation began when London’s The Times paper reported that several aides have already come forward to speak out against Meghan and her bullying. What’s more, the Daily Mail’s royal correspondent Rebecca English recently wrote that she saw Meghan Markle apparently ‘hiss’ at a staff member during her and Prince Harry’s royal tour of Fiji back in 2018.

British Royal News – Is Meghan A Bully?

She wrote, “I witnessed Meghan turn and ‘hiss’ at a member of her entourage, clearly incandescent with rage about something, and demand to leave. I later saw that same—female—highly distressed member of staff sitting in an official car, with tears running down her face. Our eyes met and she lowered hers, humiliation etched on her features.”

Reports say both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not be cooperating with the palace on any level.

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  1. Obietta Elizondo says

    I don’t believe what is being said about Meghan. Why? because I can remember what Princess Diana said in her disclosure interview. She spoke about wanting to commit suicide. She spoke about the loneliness. She spoke about being watched by a group of people so you do not make mistakes. She spoke about the script you have to follow. She said being married to Charles was like being married to an 80-year-old man. I remember when the tape came out about Charles talking sexually to Camilla. I remember how the press talked about Prince Andrew’s wife Fergie and how much money she spent. They talked about her unworthiness. She was also lonely. She was also interviewed by Oprah. Both of those marriages ended because they embarrassed the Royals. Prince Andrew was forced to divorce his wife Fergie even though they still loved each other. Meghan needed mental /emotional help. How would you feel if you were talked about negatively about being Black, about being a con artist, having no support, about not being as worthy as Kate. How would you feel if you are told to walk behind your husband, not touching him, not holding hands in public? Those were not the people we saw at first. They laughed, held hands, went on a honeymoon where they reached out to people as his mother did. There was also a story about how the British people loved Diana more than Charles and he was jealous and it was not acceptable because he would be king and therefore supposed to come first. When Diana died it took the Queen a while to come out and look at the flowers left for Diana in front of the palace by so many people and then a decision was made to have a funeral. It was a surprise to her that the people loved Diana that much. She was no longer a royal. Harry and William talked about how long it was before they could see a doctor about their mental health issues concerning their mother’s death. They said they were forced to put on an act, walk behind the coffin while showing no pain or anger. No emotion at all while in public. I was surprised by the discussion about the baby’s skin coIor. I never thought it was a concern since The Queen even showed Meghan a painting of the wife of King William III. Queen Charlotte the first Black Queen of England. This means that Queen’s Victoria and Elizabeth II have African blood in the family. Also, Edward of Woodstock, known to history as the Black Prince (15 June 1330 – 8 June 1376), was the eldest son of King Edward III of England, and the heir to the English throne. … Edward was made Duke of Cornwall, the first English dukedom, in 1337. I do not believe that discussion was had by the Queen, William, Charles, or any other royals. There are others who protect the image of the Queen, etc. for whom it may have been a worry. Harry and Meghan already said it was not the Queen. Last but not least, the was an interview given by a Princess of another country who supported Meghan’s story because she went through the same thing in her country and finally left that country and came to the USA. She said being a member of royalty is not a Disney story. She said you are essentially owned and forced to follow instructions about image, behavior all for the good of the country. The people referred to by Diana and Meghan were even spoken of in the past by “Prince Philip who calls it ‘The Firm and The Institution. They are all royal executives and their powerful associates who are supposed to make every effort to avoid even a hint of scandal that could diminish the reputation of the family business.” It is their job to make Meghan and Harry look bad right now and Diana before them. Look it up if you do not believe me.

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