Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) Spoilers: Abigail Tries To Pull Gabi Into Her Schemes Again, Will Gabi Help Her?

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Days Of Our Lives: Abigail DiMera (Marci Miller), Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus)Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers tease that Abigail DiMera (Marci Miller) will try to pull Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) into her schemes again in an upcoming episode of Days of Our Lives. Will Gabi help her this time, or not?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Gabi Hernandez Stopped Abigail DiMera From Injecting Gwen Rizchech

Days of Our Lives viewers will remember that when Abigail had Gwen Rizchech (Emily O’Brien) tied up in the DiMera wine cellar, that Gabi pulled her back from injecting her with the same substance Gwen had injected Abigail with! Gabi didn’t want to find herself in prison again, and she could be charged as an accomplice to kidnapping and also to assault, had she not stopped Abigail in her tracks! But even though Gwen escaped, and told their mutual father Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford) what had happened, Abigail remains full of revenge and hatred.

Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) told her to take a step back as well, but Abigail will not budge! She is practically obsessed with making Gwen admit she murdered her grandmother, Laura Horton (Jaime Lyn Bauer) and making her pay! She is actually every bit as obsessed as Gabi was when she wanted to make Lani Price Grant (Sal Stowers) pay for killing her late husband, Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash)!

Days of Our Lives viewers will remember that she had rigged Julie Williams’ (Susan Seaforth Hayes) pacemaker and she could kill her with an app on her phone – Julie had received Stefan’s heart after he died, and Gabi had even gotten back together with Eli Grant (Lamon Archey) after Lani left town – forced to do so by Gabi! Gabi definitely knows what revenge driven by grief is!

DOOL Spoilers – Could Gabi Hernandez Have Grown A Heart?

Days of Our Lives viewers will remember that Gabi and Abigail were once best friends, who devolved to being frenemies and then enemies. One thing Gabi doesn’t want to do is go back to prison for helping Abigail, and even though she made Abigail promise to break up Jake DiMera (Brandon Barash) and Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) she may even release her from her promise! Gabi shows a hard and rather selfish exterior to most people, but she may prove she has a heart when she refuses to help Abigail with her schemes against Gwen. She knows the rage and desire for revenge that Abigail feels, and she may be the perfect person to give Abigail some understanding.

With everyone else in her world telling her that her rage and desire for revenge is wrong, even her father, Gabi can give Abigail validation! She knows EXACTLY how she feels and why she wants to get revenge. Gwen hasn’t paid for her sins, and she never will if she’s not forced to confess them.

Perhaps they should find out if Dr. Wilhelm Rolf (William Utay) has a truth serum she could inject Gwen with instead of something to make her crazy! Gabi may consent to keep helping Abby get the truth out of Gwen, but she will want to come up with a better way to do so, hopefully, one that won’t land Gabi in prison as an accessory!

Stay tuned to Days of Our Lives, and keep checking Days of Our Lives spoilers frequently for all the latest news, updates and developments!

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