Hollyoaks Spoilers: Cher Winter’s Trolling Secret May Soon Be Exposed

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“Hollyoaks”: Cher Winters (Bethannie Hare) “Hollyoaks” spoilers revealed that Cher Winters’ (Bethannie Hare) secret that she’s been trolling her stepmom Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) online may soon be out in the open thanks to Tom Cunningham’s (Ellis Hollins) help.

Viewers may recall that Mercy has been the subject of hateful online comments after her sex tape was leaked online earlier this month. Fans know that Cher was behind it all. She did not only upload the video but she also created multiple social media accounts, which she, later on, used to verbally attack mercy online.

Sylver (David Tag) tried to ignore the negative online comments about his partner but there was one that caught his attention. One troll claimed that Mercy cheated, which infuriates Sylver since specific details were divulged that only someone close to Mercy would know. He confronted Mercy and then left with Cher to clear his head, without knowing that it was his own daughter who orchestrated all these.

Hollyoaks Spoilers – Cher Winters Convinces Sylver To Go Camping

Desperate to keep her dad and Mercy apart, Cher convinced Sylver to go on a camping trip with her, the same trip she promised her boyfriend, Romeo Nightingale (Owen Warner), they would go to. Mercy tried to call Sylver but can’t reach him since the latter had no clue that Cher took away his phone. Romeo kept calling Cher, too, but to no avail.

Hollyoaks Spoilers – Mercy McQueen And Romeo Nightingale Spends Night Together

Cher may have been successful in taking her father away from her step mum but what she didn’t know was that she pushed her beau to the person she hated the most. Mercy and Romeo, who both felt abandoned and unappreciated, had drinks together and one thing led to another. The pair spent the night together but Mercy clarified to Romeo, the following morning, that what happened to them was just “a distraction” and nothing more.

Back to the camping grounds, Sylver discovered his phone in Cher’s pocket and found out that he missed Mercy’s messages. Cher lied once again and said, “Look, however, it got there, I swear to you on my life it wasn’t deliberate.”

Later on, Mercy has decided to come clean to Sylver about her one-night stand with Romeo. But she backed out when Sylver arrived and apologized for everything he said. The latter asked what’s on her mind and she answered, it’s the nasty comments online.

Hollyoaks Spoilers – Tom Cummingham Tracks Online Trolls

So, Sylver turns to Tom for help. He tracked down the online trolls that have been making Mercy’s life miserable lately. Tom discovers that only one person is behind all the trolls attacking Mercy. He promised that with his connections, he’ll eventually find out who’s responsible for it all. Cher is terrified when she discovers Tom’s progress. Will Sylver find out that it was Cher? What will Cher do to cover her tracks? Will Mercy tell Sylver the truth about what happened between her and Romeo? Or will Romeo spill the beans to Cher?

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