Royal Family News: Camilla Parker Bowles Might Eclipse Queen Elizabeth

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British Royal Family news reveals Camilla Parker Bowles, whether she wants to admit to it or not, is going to be in the royal spotlight sooner rather than later. With Queen Elizabeth privately grieving the loss of her husband of 73 years, Prince Philip, a lot might change for the monarchy, and especially how things are done behind closed doors. That means both Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles will have to step up and step out in ways that they’ve never done before. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News: Camilla Parker Bowles In The Spotlight

While there’s no doubt that a lot of people would agree that Queen Elizabeth is a “rock” who has weathered many storms and hardships in the past, Prince Philip has always remained by her side, through the good times, the bad, and the downright ugly.

But now that he’s gone, things just won’t be the same. Prince Philip was the only person behind closed doors who knew the real Queen Elizabeth – or Lilibeth as he called her – and the one person who she could be her authentic self. For Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip’s death is a huge loss that has left a major hole in her heart.

So, what does this mean for the British Royal Family? Sure, Queen Elizabeth might look like she has all of the strength in the world, but let’s not forget that she is a woman who has lived 95 years so far. Just like her husband did a few short years ago, the Queen might consider early (or perhaps in her case late) retirement. And if so, this means both Charles and Camilla will be the new faces of the British Royal Family, regardless of whether their critics like it or not.

What Will Camilla Do Next?

While both Charles and Camilla have had a good, solid, and stable decade with very few controversial headlines in the papers, they are nowhere near as popular as Queen Elizabeth or even Prince William and Kate Middleton for that matter. Prince Charles has been waiting his entire life to take the throne and now might be the closest moment he’s ever had in making it his. For Camilla, this means that as the Queen Consort, she will have to take on Prince Philip’s role as the committed partner who puts duty and service above all else in her life. It goes without saying that a lot of people will be watching as she in turn becomes one of the most important and influential women in the world. Do you agree?

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1 Comment
  1. Lesley says

    No I Don’t Think Charles Or Camilla Should
    Be The King & His Consort, She Should
    Never Have The Title Of Queen, She Should
    Only Be Consort Just Like Phillip Was, I
    Say This Because Queen Elizabeth Should
    Have Told Charles If He Marries Her He’d
    NEVER Be King, CAMILLA Is A Disgrace,
    & A Pig The Way She Cavorted With Charles
    While He Was Still Married To Diana, Charles
    Doesn’t Deserve The Thrown, & Who Ever
    Advised A 30? Something Man To Marry
    A Girl In Her Late Terns Early 20’s Should
    Be Horsewipped (Phillip & Charles Uncle)
    Mountbatten) To Bad They Are In Fact Passed Away,Just Because She Was A
    Virgin, How Outdated & Provincial That Is,
    Charles Is A Totaly Self Centered Person
    & Should Not Get To Be King, William &
    Catherine Would Serve The UK & It’s
    Commonwealth So Much Better Than
    Charles & Camila Who Will Ruin The Monarchy For Sure, As It Is The Monarchy
    Is Outdated & Kings & Queens Are Just
    Figureheads & The Younget Generations
    Are Becoming Out Dated & Irrelivant.

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