Is Sister Wives Christine Brown About To Fall Victim Of A Networking Business?

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Sister Wives; Christine Brown Fans of Sisters Wives have noticed that all the four wives have ventured into one business venture or the other in the ongoing fifteenth season of the reality series. This has got fans wondering if the family is going through a financial downturn from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

The first wife, Meri Brown, has achieved relative success with her selling of cosmetic products from the popular brand, Lularoe. Even third wife, Christine Brown has also ventured into selling Lularoe products. However, she has recently ventured into selling makeup products by Younique. Get the full gist about Christine’s new business venture into the world of makeup as you read on.

Christine Brown Goes Into The Multi-Level Marketing Venture

This is not the first time that Christine Brown has ventured into the world of multi-level marketing. Her venture into cosmetics through the Lularoe brand seems to have yielded great monetary benefits for her and her co-wife, Meri.

Her Lularoe adventure was not bereft of controversy, however. During one of her live shows to promote the Lularoe brand, the reality TV star was accused of trying to sell jewelry that belonged to the youngest and fourth wife of the Brown family, Robyn.

At the moment, Christine has decided to go into the makeup and skincare business through the Younique brand.

She recently promoted the Younique brand in an Instagram video. In the video, she is seen holding some makeup and some skincare products that she intends to use on her face and skin. She does on to reveal that the products are made by Younique, which are perfect in her opinion. She implores her followers to become part of her pyramid team by clicking on her designated web link to buy the products.

Fans Reaction To Christine’s Venture Into The Selling Of Younique Products

For most of her followers, Christine’s choice of makeup products to sell is not a good one. One particular fan comment revealed that the products from Younique are not great as advertised, labeling them the worst makeup products. The fan also questioned Christine’s makeup style.

In summary, a large section of Christine’s followers on Instagram are not enamored with her new business affiliation with the Younique brand. One of her followers remarked that the multi-level marketing business was not an ideal business venture, and also said the products from Younique were well short of the standard in the makeup and skincare industry. According to the fan, the products were not great for body use and are not environment-friendly.

This particular comment generated an online tussle between fans who liked the brand and those who didn’t. There was even an exchange of comments between those in support of multi-level marketing business and those against it.

While the online wars about multi-level marketing and the Younique makeup brand were raging on, another fan commented on Christine’s sad look. According to the fan, it was a sad thing seeing the four wives struggle to make ends meet while their husband was doing nothing.

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