Royal Family News: Prince Charles Touts Alternative Medicine As A Complement To Traditional Medicine For COVID Recovery

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Prince CharlesBritish royal family news reveals that Prince Charles experienced the Covid pandemic firsthand when he took ill with the virus. Now he has a suggestion for anyone struggling to return to 100% after battling coronavirus. He believes that complementary medicine is a, “roadmap to hope and healing.”

Royal Family News – Prince Charles Has A Suggestion

Complimentary or alternative medicine includes yoga, meditation, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc.

He said via video that doctors should work together with, “complementary healthcare specialists,” to “build a roadmap to hope and healing” after Covid. He delivered his comments on Friday to the virtual yoga and healthcare symposium Wellness After Covid.

“This pandemic has emphasized the importance of preparedness, resilience and the need for an approach which addresses the health and welfare of the whole person as part of society, and which does not merely focus on the symptoms alone,” Charles said.

Royal Family News – Prince Charles Recovered From COVID

He added, “As part of that approach, therapeutic, evidenced-informed yoga can contribute to health and healing. By its very nature, yoga is an accessible practice which provides practitioners with ways to manage stress, build resilience and promote healing.”

He noted that all attending the conference had a stake in helping, “those for whom the mental anguish and physical challenges of long Covid have been devastating. When we work together with a common interest we can build on each other’s ideas and, perhaps, build a roadmap to hope and healing.”

Royal Family News – Prince Charles Believes In Complementary Medicine

The Prince of Wales also spoke to the attendees at the event of his own brush with Covid in March last year. He said, “I seem to have got away with it quite lightly … unfortunately, that is not the case for millions of people in the UK and across the globe.”

Dr. Adrian James is the president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and he gave a lecture titled, “The Unseen Crisis: Mental Health Consequences of a Global Pandemic and How Yoga Can Help.”

He said that yoga, group gardening, art classes, and other physical activities and training courses can improve patients’ physical and mental wellbeing.

“It’s vital for services to be evenly available across the country, and that social prescribing [referring people to non-clinical activities] is made available in community and inpatient mental health services and not limited to primary care only,” he told the Guardian.

James added: “Social prescribing is used to complement existing treatments and not as a substitute for talking therapies or medical interventions.”

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