Why General Hospital Had To Kill Peter August

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General Hospital: Peter August (Wes Ramsey)

General Hospital (GH) made a major mistake when Peter August was introduced to the Port Charles scene in 2017 and spent four years paying for its major mistake.

General Hospital Spoilers – Re-Wrote History

The first mistake GH made when Peter (Wes Ramsey) became a Port Charles thing was to re-write Anna Devane’s (Finola Hughes) entire character history. You can’t take a longtime beloved character who has been around since the 1980s and change one fundamental thing about her. For decades we knew she was a virgin when she met Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) as a young WSB agent. To tell us that was no longer true, and before Robert, she slept with Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) was a slap in the face to both the character of Anna and her long-time fans.

GH Spoilers – GH Gave Us A Character That Didn’t Belong

The second mistake GH made was giving the character so much airtime, while not really knowing what on Earth to do with him. It was like the show just created a character for no reason except to hire a particular actor and then couldn’t find a shoehorn large enough to fit him in. A soap canvas is a work of art telling a story and each character is supposed to have its natural place within the story. Peter never naturally fit in and it never made any sense that Maxie (Kirsten Storms) would fall for him so soon after losing Nathan — especially knowing his actions led to Nathan’s (Ryan Paevey) death.

General Hospital Spoilers – The Summer In The Bed

It didn’t help that during the summer of 2018, the only time we saw Peter was when he has tied to a bed thanks to Liesl (Kathleen Gati) and Nina (then-Michelle Stafford). Months on end of seeing that character disheveled, whining, weeping, wailing, and scared out of his wits thanks to two smart women definitely didn’t endear him to us anymore. If GH intended for us to feel bad for him, they failed miserably. All we could do was cheer Liesl on hoping she’d kill him in the end. No such luck. Instead, he stayed with us for three more long years of torture.

GH Spoilers – He Killed Drew Cain

We never understood why Drew (Billy Miller) had to be killed in the first place but to know Peter is the one that made that happen was never going to win him any fans — and he didn’t have too many fans, to begin with. What could the show even do with him after that except torture the audience for nearly two more years watching this character walk around Port Charles getting the girl and the baby without paying for it?

There are so many reasons why Peter had to die and the above are just a few. Now, all we can do is hope GH sees how thrilled fans are that Peter is finally dead and keep it that way. Stay tuned to General Hospital weekdays to make sure Peter stays buried in the Port Charles ether where he belongs.

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  1. Marilyn Cummings says

    I disagree about Peter he was the only reason I watched the last few years. No reason to criticize the actor because of material written for him. Hope to see him again maybe another soap.

    1. Carole says

      On a soap like Days. That I have never watched

      Killing him off GH was LONG overdue.
      I agree with article HE DIDN’T FIT…..

  2. Lesley says

    Glad Gh Corrected Thier Mistake & Got
    Rid Of PETER AUGUST, He Was A Bad
    Character Full Of Rage, & Anyone Who
    FAISON Has No Chance Of Being A
    Decent Human Being, GLAD HE’S

    1. Curry707 says

      THANK YOU.

    2. Just123 says

      I know, right?
      And this article makes total sense too.

    3. Neva Rhoden says

      Well, he is not dead and gone yet and I doubt he will be. They seem to like to torture us.

    4. Elizabeth says

      For some horrible reason they keep bringing Peter back from the dead. PLEASE kill him off instead of killing off or firing much more worthy characters. Kill him off & NEVER bring him, a twin or a new character with his face back on screen. I have NEVER liked him in any way.

  3. RavenJackal says

    Wes Ramsey is a great actor. He had a terrible story line that was a dark, ridiculous, and illogical mess. Peter could have been put on the road to redemption if he survived. Wes could play Peter’s twin or a completely new character. I want Wes to stay on GH. I hope that Wes has a wonderful future especially with his career. I would even be happy if Wes was on one of the other soaps. I am really sad and upset that Wes is not going to be on GH.

  4. lbc says

    The above spoiler posting is one of the best and most sensible postings I have read. It covered everything viewers had been stating over and over again, and made more sense than the actual story line. Writers did a terrible job with the Peter character and all of his actions from day one on canvas and things went down hill quickly. If he comes back as another character, I certainly hope that character is well thought out and not backed into a corner as Peter was.

    1. Just123 says

      Yes!!! I totally agree with you!!!!
      So refreshing to read a spoiler posting that actually describes something in an accurate fashion that makes complete sense.
      And you are right that it makes more sense than the story/character ever did!!!
      It was dragged out far too long even his ‘death’ was dragged out way to long!!

  5. Curry707 says

    So, so true. It was one of the most accurate postings.

  6. Lolo says

    I hate to be blunt but Wes Ramsey was hired because of Laura Wright. He really didn’t have any chemistry with Maxie and they were very awkward together. Because they wanted to keep certain people happy on the show they changed story lines to try to explain what he was doing on GH.I think it was all a disaster and went on way too long. I was hoping that Drew would reappear and kill peter or a Who killed JR type of storyline. Nina and Sonny are boring.Last but not least, I don’t think Wiley is a baby Einstein. He might be a bright little boy but come on with the repeating what Nina told him about his grandfather is crazy.

    1. Pinky says

      I don’t believe for a moment WR was hired because of Laura. He has plenty of prime time, day time and movies under his belt and auditioned several times for role I do believe the writers gave him an impossible role to play. I think the character should be ended and he given a better role to play that makes makes sense

  7. GHFan101 says

    I have watched GH since the late 70’s. I never could stand Peter August. I agree it was a waste of air time to pair him with Maxie. And to kill off Drew that was useless. I hope to see Drew return soon and be paired with Liz. I cant see Liz and Finn together, that is not a good pairing. The writers need to do better. Rewriting history was a lame move. Cameron Mattison as the new drew I cant picture that. I read he will be cast as the new drew Cain. Cameron Mattison played a good guy on All My Children. I hope the truth comes out soon about Maxie’s baby being with Brooklynn and that everyone understands why she and Brooklynn did what they did to keep the baby safe from Peter. Brooklynn needs to tell her family and Valentin the truth especially valentin before he gets his heart into the baby fully

    1. Just123 says

      Like you I have been watching GH since 1974. I must admit I long for the writing of those ‘good old day!!
      Even some of the storylines that were far fetched kept you caught up in it….like when the Cassadines first came on the scene. Wasn’t that the storyline that had Elizabeth Taylor in it? The Luke and Laura drama, Frank Smith and his mob, the WSB also had big storylines. Oh how things have changed.
      Now the big thing seems to be fake marriages. We’re starting on….what is it, the fourth one now in a year’s time?
      And this Sonny/Nina ‘thing’ for lack of a better word. I don’t know what these writers are thinking with the things they are doing with some of the main characters. Jax blackmailing Michael?? Sam turned into a whimpy whiny woman who suddenly acts like Jason’s lifestyle is a new thing??
      I don’t get it but I think they must be loosing viewers. Speaking for myself I fast forward over 75% of it because it’s turning into a waste of time and some days I don’t even bother watching. And after following GH for 45 years it’s a huge disappointment!!

  8. Cat says

    Very accurate. There was no redeeming qualities to Peter! He was as Robert said years ago, a slime ball! It is my opinion but it was not only the material he was given but he was by many standards a crummy soap actor. It takes a certain talent to nail soap drama and Wes just didn’t cut it. Bye! Don’t come back Peter as you will only be hated more than the first go round.

  9. JP says

    Yes, Peter was doomed from the beginning. You can’t mess with legacy characters like Anna and expect the audience to believe the story or feel empathy. I also thought Maxie falling for Peter so soon after Nathan died was not realistic. I don’t like Finn and Elizabeth together. I had finally warmed up to Finn and Anna and they broke them up. I still only like Finn with Hayden, that was a love story.
    I am also not liking the thought of Cameron Mathison as Drew. I liked him on AMC, but I think he might be too old to play Drew. I’m sorry, but Billy Miller will always be Drew to me.

  10. Marvilynn says

    Actors play their parts and sometimes it looks effort less. He did a great job of being evil. It just shows how good he really is. I will follow him and watch him on any show from this day forward.

  11. Tonja says

    We can only hope that is true about Peter I can’t stand him I wish that I made him a good guy

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