General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Why Are Writers Acting Like Sam McCall Doesn’t Exist?

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General Hospital; Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco)General Hospital (GH) spoilers indicate that Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) is about to marry Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright). However, Jason has recently started a relationship with Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) as well. Unfortunately, it seems that writers have totally forgotten about Jason’s ex-wife, Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco). No matter who Jason is with, they will be about Sam’s son, Danny Morgan (Porter Fascullo). Why does Sam know nothing about any of these events?

General Hospital Spoilers – Sam McCall Was Important To Jason Morgan

General Hospital’s Sam has been the only woman to accept Jason for who he is from the start. Sam and Jason have been a huge part of each other’s lives since 2004. Jason was ready to help Sam raise her daughter with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) back then. Sam and Jason were married when he was kidnapped years ago and held hostage in a Russian clinic. However, current writers act as if Sam was never an important part of Jason’s life. Jason is never seen talking to Sam about their son anymore. Jason never keeps Sam abreast of things going on in his life. Why has Sam been completely removed from Jason’s life?

GH Spoilers – Sam McCall Wants Her Kids To Be Safe

Let’s be honest, General Hospital’s Sam McCall wants her kids to be safe but Jason has come under attack. It is obvious that not only Carly’s family is in danger from the Novak’s, so is Jason’s. As Jason’s ex-wife, Sam and her children could easily become targets in this mob war. Why is Jason out running around doing damage control and yet not bothering to warn Sam of the danger that she and her kids are in? Jason seems more concerned with half of Port Charles than he does his children. Why are the writers making light of the longest relationship Jason ever had?

General Hospital Spoilers – Are The Actors The Problem?

Rumors have swirled for some time that Steve and Kelly don’t want to work together. However is this any reason to make Jason a deadbeat father? Jason is being written worse than Lucky Spencer (ex-Jonathan Jackson). No matter how much these writers try, they cannot erase the history between Sam and Jason, and fans are fed up with their attempt to do so. Sam is important to Jason no matter their relationship status at this time. So why is Sam absent from anything in Jason’s life?

Why is Jason not trying to take care of his son and his mother? Why are Carly and Britt suddenly the most important people in his life? Jason and Sam did not break up because they didn’t love each other, they broke up for the safety of the children. Jason would never move on this quickly or ignore Sam’s feelings when getting into a new relationship. The writing for Jason needs to reflect that man he is and always has been and this man is just not him.

Jason needs to get his priorities straight and take care of his loved ones first. Stop trying to erase Sam and her memory from Jason’s mind and get the man back where he belongs. Perhaps Sam’s rumored blasting of Jason over his decisions is more than deserved.

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  1. Annie says

    The answer is really quite simple, these writers are the absolute WORST and have ruined Every long term relationship, JASAM, CARSON AND LANTE‼️Not worth watching anymore and I haven’t since the whole amnesia nonsense! That was it for me

    1. Silvana De Nardis says

      Annie, I’m right behind you

  2. Dawn Hayes says

    I agree with this post. Jason and Sam have a very long relationship and they have children…not an oops! They love each other and he should think of them first.

  3. Deb says

    Everything that was mentioned is true . And they need to fix this disaster mess immediately. I and a lot of others have stopped watching months ago . I miss my gh of how it used to be . I love JASAM Sam is the only woman for Jason and vice versa . Bring Sam back as well with kick ass self . These two were the hottest couple on gh still is if they just have the right material and are on together . I don’t even know this Jason is they have written him terrible to we know he would never move on so quickly from the love of his life Sam . It’s so much bull trying to erase Sam and trying to make Britt into Sam it’s so wrong so discusting. She will never be Sam McCall never . Bring us JASAM !!!!!!!! And by the way it should of been Sam on the run with Jason like old times . The writers could of done that but no we got this joke crap ass writing with Britt . Grrrrrr

  4. Randie says

    This is the first time I’ve ever read anything that insinuates Kelly doesn’t wanna work with Steve Burton

  5. Camille 728 says

    Me too and I have watched since day one 4/1/1963. and I am done with the stupid, silliness of the unbelievable stories these non-writers come up with.”GUZA and JILL”
    ‘please help save G.H’.

  6. Dianna Fleetwood says

    Sam and Jason just part of GH just like Carly and Sonny. Not sure why Austin so interested in Jason, can’t wait to see.

  7. Erik Stone says

    I say Sam must restore Jason’s past mistakes for the first time in months, hoping for a real romantic reunion for them both, if Lulu returns from a coma, and it’ll be the real romantic reunion of Dante & Lulu, even Drew returns and he’ll get a new girlfriend in a Port Charles female resident.

  8. Gigi says

    For one Sam doesn’t exist, b/c she’s not Sonny or Jason’s shadow anymore. Ppl need to start accepting that fact! Sam arrived in PC as a grifter & a nobody; her pregnancy by Sonny made her important.
    Secondly, Sam became inseparable from Jason, b/c of Sonny in ‘04… No one remembers that fall of ‘04, Jason was divorcing Courtney! Sam was very aggressive w/Carly for months about Sonny moving on w/Sam & their baby, until Carly got pregnant too!
    I remember “Journey”, Court & Jax fans flipping out that Jason was suddenly glued to Sam’s side, no longer in love w/Court, & not talking to her as well! Jason was throwing his life into disarray for Carson & fans hated it! See the pattern here?
    Thirdly let’s talk about Liz, who has known Jason 7yrs longer than Sam, gained his loyalty by saving his life, & cemented their bond hours after Jason saw Carly cheat on him w/Carly in ‘99!! Jason was discouraged & lectured by everyone in PC (from Monica to Sonny), to not get romantic w/Liz b/c she was 18 & he was about 21… They accused Jason of ruining her life & endangering her; since she was kidnapped twice shot, & threatened after saving his life!
    Fast Forward to Lucky being an addict, cheating on Liz w/Maxie, then Sam, & Jake being born… Jason told no one but Liz & Spin about Sam watching Jake get kidnapped… Carson still don’t know! Jason blackmails Sam to keep her mouth shut, she doesn’t, & he threatens to kill her over Liz & Jake…
    The “Liason” fans, (Liz & Jason) are disgusted that Jason would forgive Sam, marry her, & leave his love for Liz behind… Jason didn’t stop loving Liz, but after Mikey got shot & Jake “died”; Jason definitely stopped talking to Liz for no reason at all!
    See the pattern that Jason has always turned his back on his own dreams to protect Carson’s family & business… Then get in line behind the other fanbases that have watched Jason, not co-parent, & carry a hug amount of pain/guilty b/c of his job choice!
    Anyone upset about Jason’s distance from Sam, should realize that’s how it’s always happened, & Sam is in line behind Liz… Liz was there first, Sam’s not getting anything more than Liz gets in terms of Jason’s attention, b/c she’s the mother of his oldest son!

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