The Young And The Restless Comings And Goings: Melissa Claire Egan Out As Chelsea

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The Young And The Restless: Chelsea LawsonThe Young and the Restless comings and goings reveal the end of Chelsea Lawson — for now. Chelsea is leaving town once again, but that doesn’t mean she won’t be back. Melissa Claire Egan is off the set as she awaits the birth of her first child and Chelsea is off to play mother to her mother.

The Young And The Restless Comings And Goings – Chelsea Lawson’s Con Worked On The Young And The Restless

Is there any reason to believe Chelsea did not name Connor just that for a reason? She’s quite a con who can never stop. She managed to con her way out of a mental hospital to care for her ailing mother, when she didn’t even belong in a mental institution. She belonged in jail because she is not crazy. She is just…not a decent human being. But the con worked to write Melissa Claire Egan off the soap until she finishes her maternity leave.

Word is we will still see Chelsea in pre-taped scenes making phone or video calls but she’ll take a few months off of causing trouble for everyone who crosses her path.

Y&R Comings And Goings – Melissa Claire Egan Is Expecting A Boy

In April, Egan announced via Instagram that her dream was coming true. She is due with a baby boy in August after a lot of heartache to get there, including two previous miscarriages. Her Instagram post reads as follows:

“Very excited to share, Baby Boy Katrosar is set to arrive at the end of August. As happy as we are, the journey to get here has been filled with lots of tears, stress, sadness, helplessness, hopelessness, and 2 miscarriages. To anyone going through this process or any kind of fertility issues, I feel you, I see you, you’re not alone. I wish I could jump through this phone and give you a big hug. Please do not give up hope. Keep trusting and have faith. You got this!!!”

Egan has been wearing loose clothes for months on The Young and the Restless as Chelsea hung out in a wheelchair faking paralysis and then spent some time in a mental institution so the soap could hide her pregnancy and keep her on the show. Congratulations to Egan on the impending birth of her son and we can’t wait to see her back on The Young and the Restless soon.

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  1. ann boever says

    leave Rey & sharon alone dam it & chelsea & adam need to go away to for good to dont bring them back at all &^ klye can take phyllis & Adam & chelsea with to & Nikki & Victor need to stay together period to & Victoria your father will get rid of that deal u made to

  2. Paula Faye Thomas says

    Exciting times ahead can’t wait for the fall out about paternity of Harrison, the truth behind Summer being threaten by Tara and forced to leave Kyle… Ashland’s con job, and more…

  3. Dg says

    Chelsea has been a con since day one. . Yes Adam wasn’t good for at times. But she is no angel. She needed to be locked up for her crimes and Chloe with her. Kevin needs to put his foot down with her. She puts Chelsea over family. If I was Kevin I would say us or Chelsea and stick to it. Ashland is faking his illness to get a hold of Neumann. Victor will never let that happen. Ashland is doing a snow job on Victoria and from her big mistake, she will loose her job at Neumann

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