The Bachelorette: Katie’s Aunt Lindsey Sorry For Calling Out Fiancé Blake, Publicly Holding His Feet To The Fire

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The BacheloretteBachelorette, Katie Thurston, 30, took to Twitter, on August 11, to share a screenshot of her Aunt Linsey apologizing for “f_cking” Blake up, on the show, with all her prying questions.

Thurston took Blake Moynes onto the show to meet her mom and her aunt and what followed could be construed as tense.

The texts read: “I legit feel like I owe this kid an apology. Did I f**k him up so bad you had to take him to an energy healer?”

Another member of the conversation responds saying, “He handled you and still liked Katie afterward, that’s good.

LOL, don’t apologize for being yourself. You asked serious questions that needed to be asked. 

Plus, out of all of the guys, he seems like the one who could handle our family.”

Bachelorette: Blunt and Rude, or just Direct and Honest? 

Right off the bat, Aunt Linsday launched her attack asking Blake, “What made you want to go on this season after you flunked out of the last one?” 

Clearly taken aback a little by her bluntness Blake pleads, “I do want your approval,” and Katie’s aunt continues the evisceration with“You ultimately mean nothing. You better be secure as f–k coming into our family because at the end of the day, you’re here because we want you here, not because we need you here.” 

Then Katie’s mom chimes in with, “You can survive on your own, and we don’t put ourselves in a position where we have to rely on a male. If we invite you in, you are so lucky.” 

Bachelorette: Long History with the Show

As fans likely know, Blake has had a long relationship with the Bachelorette, having appeared in three seasons already.  

It’s not at all surprising that Katie’s family would want to hold his feet to the fire a little.  

Even Blake’s own sister has her doubts and after Blake supposedly “falling in love” with three women; Clare Crawley, Tayshia Adams, and now Katie Thurston – can anyone blame her? 

Bachelorette: Everyone Should Know What They’re Signing Up For 

Though aunt Lindsey’s tone was sarcastic, aggressive, and condescending fans will have to admit, her points were valid. 

With so little time before getting married, could it not be a good thing for Blake to discover as much about who he is engaged to as he can?

Isn’t it a good thing to keep Moynes off balance, at least a little, so that Katie too can see how her future husband will react to the family he will be forever bound to? 

Some may say that it wasn’t fair the way Aunt Lindsey treated Blake, that she never gave him a chance.  

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