Days Of Our Lives Bill Hayes Might Be Leaving DOOL?

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Days Of Our Lives Bill Hayes Might Be Leaving DOOL?Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers and updates reveal the 96-year-old actor’s character Doug Williams goes missing this week and this could be leading up to his swan song in Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers  -Age Is An Issue

Bill Hayes has been portraying Doug Williams on Days of Our Lives since 1970 which gives him 61 years on the show. He is the oldest cast member at 96 and has had a longer run than other seniors currently on daytime. Doug has not been seen a lot in recent years but, when he is on screen now his speech is slower.

DOOL Spoilers – Respects Senior Cast Members.

Kudos to the DOOL execs for respecting the seniors on the show and allowing them to work as long as they are able to perform. Francis Reid, (Alice Horton), Peggy McCay, (Caroline Brady), and Joseph Moscalo, (Stefano Dimera) were all acting until their health no longer allowed them to. John Anniston 88 continues to portray Victor Kiriakis. Bill Hayes is beloved by fans as well as castmates but if his health is declining the upcoming storyline might be his Days swan song.

Days Of Our Lives spoilers  – Doug William Goes Missing In Salem

According to TV Soap Video’s Doug will go missing this week in Salem but Julie will not want to believe that anything serious is wrong. Roman will be concerned and the implication seems to be that Doug may have dementia. Both The Young and the Restless and General Hospital had storylines that dealt with Alzheimer’s disease that ran for about a year before both the characters died.

There is also a possibility that having Doug go missing is a way to keep him relevant without subjecting Bill Hayes to a lot of screen time. Doug may have gotten confused and wandered off or perhaps he has been kidnapped. Julie is portrayed by the actor’s 78-year-old wife Susan Seathhford Hayes. Eventually, she will have to come to terms with whatever is going on with her spouse. Be on the lookout for updates that reveal if Doug will return or if Bill Hayes is on his way out at Days of Our Lives.

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  1. MeeMaw says

    I hope you will let Doug go out in a memorable way since he has been a beloved cast member for so long. I remember when he was previously married on the show, his courtship with Julie and then their marriage both on and off screen. I hate that he appears to be slowing down, but he is 96 and he has had a good run. God bless him and his family.

  2. Sandra Brower says

    It’s so very sad to see that Bill Hayes will be leaving Days of our lives.I HOPE GOD FORBID HE IS NOT SICKI know everyone who worked with him will miss him so very much especially,me because he is one hell of an actor and singer. My father told me when he was a live that Robert Clary is my cousin but I never got to meet him.Well he did screens with both Bill and Susan on Days of our lives until they killed his character Perre off. Robert gave up acting so he could let people know there was such a thing as Contraction Camps because unfortunately,he was in one just like my father and my grandfather were in 5 of them but unfortunately,Hitler killed my grandmother who in the Jewish religion when someone dies if they are brought up Jewish they are named after them.The reason Robert had to go and tell people that is because a lot of their parents are teaching them that there is no such thing as a Contraction Camp which is definitely, not true. When I was in school I used to be made fun of because of my father,my grandfather and my grandmother were in them.Well because of that I used to run out of my classrooms.Well when I was in 9th grade and I was in a Futurery Class where we were learning that one day that we will know the sex of a baby before it is born. I can’t remember exactly what the teacher said but I do remember that there was a boy in my class after the teacher said something about the Contraction Camps the boy had the nerve to make me cry and I yelled at him and said that was my grandmother.So a much as I missed my cousin Robert Clary being on the show I am so very glad and proud of him to letting all those people know there was such a thing as Contraction Camp.this way they will stop teaching their children that there was no such thing as a Contraction Camp because they shouldn’t be teaching that to them.

    1. Sanford Horn says

      Robert Clary (3/1/26) is, in fact, still alive. I met him in the 1990s when I was in graduate school – he was touring and lecturing on the Holocaust and his experiences. He was nice to meet and talk with. At the time I met him, he was acting on DOOL, and my mother, of Blessed memory, was an avid viewer. Mr. Clary was nice enough to write my mother a note. (I was always amazed how he could make Hogan’s Heroes less than 20 years after the War.)

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