General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Might Turn To Nina When He Realizes The Truth About Jarly

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General Hospital: Sonny Corunthos (Maurice Benard)

General Hospital (GH) spoilers and updates reveals viewers Have been expressing their disappointment On social media About Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Bernard ) lacklustre return To Port Charles and wonder what the future holds.

General Hospital Spoilers – The Other Shoe May Drop

Sonny walked into his bedroom and found his best friend Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and his “widow”Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright about to consummate their marriage. His only reply was “I’m back now.” Spoilers say this was a major letdown but soon the other shoe may drop.

GH Spoilers – Sonny Corinthos Needs To Get A Clue

Spoilers emphasize that Sonny didn’tt seem to realize that Jarly was about to have sex and some viewers say this was a missed opportunity. The writers could be up to something big that will take place later. Carly and Jason will probably not be able to simply move on as if nothing happened. There will probably be hints in their mannerisms that give them away. If not, then some other Port Charles resident might say something that causes Sonny to wake up and smell the Corinthos coffee.

General Hospital Spoilers- Nina Could Get Her Mike Back

Once Sonny realizes that Jarly was going to turn their marriage of convenience into the real thing he may begin reassessing his life. Maurice Benard recently announced on Facebook Live that his character still has feelings for Nina. The storyline could shift and Sonny may begin to accept that Mike is still very much a part of him and he could turn to Nina.

GH Spoilers – The Future Is Unpredictable

The future for Carlson is not yet clear but GH viewers can look at the past for possible clues. While Sonny was grieving his son Morgan’s death, he slept with Ava (whom he hated) while at his son’s tomb. Should Jarly’s true feelings emerge, just imagine the passion that might erupt with Nina with whom Mike fell in love.

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  1. Geraldine smith says

    I hope they donot put Sonny with Nina. I will be force to stop watching General Hospital. Can’t stand Nina. Put her some place else. Not wihvSonny. Keep Sonny as he is not like as he was in Nixon falls.

    1. Divanana says

      Never sonny does want nina.

  2. Misty says

    If Sonny goes back to the liar, Nina then my days of watching General Hospital are over. I will not watch a weak Sonny manipulated by Nina. She is pulling his strings and that is not who Sonny from GH is. If you turn Sonny into a wimp, I will not want to watch GH anymore. He needs more control of himself. He should not love Nina more than Carly because she decided to move on with Jason when Sonny was “dead”.

    1. DH says

      I agree.

  3. Ann Grubbs says

    Ava and Sonny did not make love at Morgans tomb, they were at Jasons brothers tomb

  4. Megan says

    Make Nina the winner???? How could you? I have a close relationship like this and yes they love each other but Carly is Inlove with Sonny! I was stupid enough to watch again. Now I’m officially finished!!

  5. NonieB says

    If that happens I’m done! Them writers always let some crazy psycho B#+*h get away with everything! Sonny/Mike whatever he goes by is a punk now!!

  6. Paulette Tedford says

    Nina and Sonny won’t last as she will want him out of “The Business”. He wouldn’t give it up for Brenda or Connie so Nina is out of luck.

  7. Divanana says

    So go back home get away from Nina call your son . Do be near Nina any longer she is delusional and live in a fantasy with you having Amenisa. Now you need medicaldiagnosis. Let your wife and family help sonny so you can go back to your wife you love her.

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