Survivor Season 41 Spoilers: How New Advantages Could Turn Into Disadvantages!

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SurvivorSurvivor season 41 got hyped as offering more excitement than ever before! As a result, fans looked forward to the premiere. But that episode and subsequent ones have caused some viewers to question the changes. Find out why all those highly touted new advantages might become disadvantages below!

Survivor Season 41 Spoilers – Survivor Season 41 Spoilers: Changes That Jeff Probst Loves

In fairness, we need to point out that at least one Survivor fan loves ALL of the changes made for season 41.

And that individual just happens to host the show. We’re talking, of course, about dimpled and delightful Jeff Probst.

Probst told TV Insider about several changes he sees as bonuses for viewers:

  • Searching for an immunity idol or other advantages becomes more complicated. “You have to risk something for the advantage to have power,” cautioned Probst . “If you fail, there is a consequence!”
  • Everything occurs at a faster pace. Survivor Season 41 gets a 26-day filming schedule rather than the standard 39 days. As a result, castaways don’t get much time to contemplate their options or compensate if they fall behind.
  • Knowing how the game gets played no longer becomes helpful. “We have so many new elements and layers,” summed up Probst. “Most of the twists are things you simply could never predict. Great players will be voted out earlier than they ever dreamed, simply because of all the variables.”

So how do all those supposed advantages for viewers feel? Some feel that the changes actually fall into the “disadvantages” category! Find out why below.

Survivor Season 41 Spoilers  Why Some Viewers Don’t Like Survivor Season 41 Changes

Those of us who like to live predictable lives got a rude awakening when the pandemic occurred.

Everything that seemed given turned upside down, as some areas went through lock-downs that required dramatic changes to the residents’ lives.

As a result, familiar TV shows became seen as a way to relax and recharge. But that’s made the changes for Survivor season 41 more like disadvantages in some viewers’ eyes.

For instance:

  • The famous hunts for immunity idols and other advantages used to feel like a fun way to liven up the show. But the new requirement that castaways must take a risk add on a level of complexity that some feel we just didn’t need.
  • For long-time Survivor fans, seeing someone who seemed to fall behind suddenly soar to the top became part of the show’s joys. But the faster filming pace makes that swift turn-around much less likely.
  • As a result of the show’s past 40 seasons, many viewers went into season 41 excited to see if they could predict the winners. But because of all the new twists, turns, and layers, that excitement has faded. Survivor has added on so many layers that we feel forced to give up playing that fun prediction game!

What do you think? Do you see all the changes made for Survivor Season 41 as advantages or disadvantages? Tweet us your views!

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