B&B Rena Sofer Reveals Her Secret Weapon For Portraying Quinn Forrester

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The Bold And The Beautiful: Rena SoferThe Bold And The Beautiful star Rena Sofer dazzles the screen as the gorgeous Quinn Fuller Forrester. And while the actress fascinates fans with Quinn’s varying personality, playing this Bold And Beautiful beauty can feel exhausting. But Sofer possesses a secret weapon. Find out what it is below!

The Bold And The Beautiful – What’s Involved In Playing Quinn On The Bold And The Beautiful?

As fans of The Bold And The Beautiful know, Quinn Fuller Forrester ranks high on the list of most complex characters. And that requires the actress portraying Quinn to show all those dimensions.

But Rena Sofer has succeeded, becoming the concerned wife to Eric in one moment, then the lover of Carter in the next.

And as Quinn, Sofer even showed subtle shades of anger and defensive tactics when accused of cheating.

As a result, portraying those emotions while making this character believable and even sympathetic has taken its toll on actress Rena Sofer. But as Sofer just told her fans, she possesses a secret weapon.

B&B  – Star Rena Sofer Tells Instagram Secret Weapon

Turning to Instagram, Sofer posted a clip of a turning clay shape on a pottery wheel.

In her caption, the actress explained how working with clay helps her cope with Quinn on The Bold And The Beautiful. “When life gets to be too much I lose myself in clay,” revealed Rena. “I love the fluidity of it and also the structure.”

Admitting that portraying Quinn on The Bold And The Beautiful can become overwhelming, Sofer shared how pottery helps her resolve her emotions.

“When I can make something I’m proud of out of something from the earth I feel at peace,” explained Rena.

The Bold And The Beautiful – Star Rena Sofer Shares Her ‘Next Journey’

In addition to sharing what gives her peace, the Bold And The Beautiful actress got emotional in expressing gratitude.

“And Thank the universe for art,” gushed Rena Sofer in her Instagram caption.

“For the healing of art. I know most believe what we actors do is art but I don’t think that has ever resonated with me.”

Admitting that she does not know why she feels acting doesn’t qualify as art, Sofer also shared that “it wasn’t until I was almost 50 that I discovered the art that inspired me and made me feel whole.” And that brought Sofer to discussing what’s next in her life.

“I guess that’s my next journey. To figure out the why to that question. But for now I am thankful for the clay. 🙏🏻❤️ #wip #handbuiltpottery #potteryvideosofinstagram #claysavedmylife.”

What’s Next For Quinn On The Bold And The Beautiful?

While Rena relaxes with her pottery, let’s consider what’s next for her character of Quinn on The Bold And The Beautiful! Spoilers hint that Eric could get a sudden new understanding of his sex life dilemma. And beware, Quinn!

Where would Eric’s possible epiphany leave you if he discovers the “honey bear” plot twist so many are predicting?! Tell us what you think about Rena Sofer as Quinn on The Bold And The Beautiful.

And be sure to check back on our site for all your The Bold and The Beautiful news and updates about the show.

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