The Young And The Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: More of Ashland’s Secrets Revealed?

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The Young And The Restless: Ashland Locke (Richard Burgi)The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers document that Ashland Locke (Richard Burgi) appears to have hit his targets. He wanted to merge his company with Newman Enterprises and marry Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle).

Well, Newman Enterprises is now called Newman-Locke. Victoria Newman’s full name is now voluntarily extended to Victoria Newman Locke.

So, Ashland reached his goals. But have all of his secrets been revealed?

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Jesse Gaines Appears To Know All?

Jesse Gaines (Jamison Jones) knows what his lawyer father did with Bobby Defranco, which is Ashland’s real moniker. Jesse Gaines, Senior (no actor known to be cast for this retrospective role) and Ashland conspired to steal Camilla Rhodes (no actor known to be cast for this retrospective role) fortune when she died.

Two deceased characters are being used in the storyline and were referenced within one sentence in the last paragraph. Yes, it is a bit convoluted for Y&R to be using not one but two never-seen characters as keys to Ashland’s backstory. It is also somewhat tricky to have to write about them but necessary to explain the complex nature of the intriguing alter ego that Burgi is playing.

Jones’ character believes he knows Ashland’s darkest secrets. But actually, he only seems to know dirt about Jesse, Senior, and is playing a petty revenge game because he thinks that his dad favored Ashland over him.

Y&R Spoilers – Victoria Newman Locke’s Feelings Make Sense

It is reasonable to believe that Victoria would overlook all that she has because of Ashland’s love.

Whatever doubts she or anyone had, including those within the audience, were justified. But everything that transpired proves that Ashland’s love is real. With that, Victoria’s instinct about his concern for her is affirmed.

It will be a mistake if TPTB undercut the above by later claiming that Ashland was playing Victoria for a fool. However, it would be plausible if Ashland is withholding other secrets that have to do with his past life.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Victor Newman’s Actions Are Questionable

Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) is not his daughter. It can not be truthfully said that Victor’s adoration of Victoria has fully clouded his judgment where Ashland is concerned.

Devoted Y&R fans are right to question why Victor is offering such strong support for a man whose background is far worse than Billy Abbott’s (Jason Thompson)?

If Ashland has told all, then Victor’s approach and how he was written will be vindicated. But if Ashland has secrets, that somehow involve the killing of the real Ashland, Camilla, and or Jesse, Senior, then Victor’s legendary intuition will take a major hit.

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  1. Lee says

    I’m Hoping That Both VICTOR &
    His PRODIGY (VICTORIA) Are Proved
    To Be Dead Wrong About CREEPY
    Sent The Proof Of Mr LOCKE’S
    Crimes To The GCPD & INTERNET
    Would Send SHOCK Waves Through
    VICTOR To Doubt Himself & Make
    VIKI Stand Back & Throw The SKANK
    Out Once & For All & Annull The
    Marriage, & Prove NICK & BILLY
    Right & Everyone Who Accepted

  2. Barbara says

    I believe that Ashland has more skeletons in his closet. I think that Billy should publish everything about Ashland, and about how Victor made him sign that contract while he was having a heartattact.

  3. Karen says

    I’m ready to say goodbye to the “Ashland Locke” story. It’s time for Chance to come home and start a real marriage and life with Abby.
    Bring new and younger characters into the show. Give Noah a front line story, do something with Devon, Amanda, Nate and Elena. Now that Summer and Kyle are gone, new storylines are needed.

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