General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Sonny Buys Charlie’s From Ava For Phyllis?

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General Hoospital: Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard)General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal “Mike” could reward the woman who cared for him in Nixon Falls by making sure she has a way to earn a living. If Ava accepts the deal and Phyllis remains in Port Charles there is sure to be a lot of Nina drama.

General Hospital Spoilers – Sonny Corinthos Makes Ava An Offer But She Might Refuse

GH spoilers say Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) will soon offer to purchase Charlie’s Pub from Ava Jerome (Maura West) but she might refuse. Sonny wants to reward Phyllis Caufield (Joyce Guy) for caring for him while he was in Nixon Falls. Ava had been trying to sell the pub when she thought she was going to leave Port Charles behind. Now that she has returned she is having second thoughts.

GH Spoilers – Nina Reeves Could Change Ava’s Mind

Should Ava initially refuse Sonny’s offer, it’s possible that she could change her mind because of Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros). Last week Ava encouraged Nina not to give up on Mike. Despite depending on Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) to care for Avery Corinthos (Ava and Grace Scarola) Ava is now plotting for Nina to be with Carly’s husband. If Ava purchases Charlie’s this might be a place where Nina and Mike could reconnect.

General Hospital Spoilers – Viewers Don’t Want Another Nixon Falls

GH fans have been vocal on social media about not wanting Nixon Falls to take over Port Charles. Phyllis coming to town to live is one thing but fans don’t like that Mike is living on. Phyllis brought Sonny’s watch and hat back to him and like Ava, she has implied to Nina that Mike is still around. If Sonny gets Phyllis to manage Charlie’s or perhaps gifts the establishment to her this could be a problem.

GH Spoilers – Charlie’s Might Turn Into Another Tan-O

General Hospital viewers don’t desire Charlie’s to turn into another Tan-O. They are saying they want all things Nixon Falls to remain in the past. If Phyllis runs the establishment both Sonny and Nina will be hanging out there from time to time. Sonny might put on his cowboy hat which would infuriate Carly who says she does not know the man who wore the hat. If Ava accepts Sonny’s offer there would be a lot of drama that would unfold and the possibility that Nina and her Mike could reconnect. In the process, Ava and Nina would get to stick it to Carly.

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  1. Paula says

    Ava needs to stop being a jerk And stay out of Nina Mike garbage to get what she wants She needs to grow up and pay attention to her own life and stop getting into other people’s busines.She is known for that and she always tries to use her daughter to get what she wants she even did that with Kiki she ended up getting her killed

  2. Laura gray says

    I am so sick of Ava and Nina. It’s time they go. If Nina goes after Sonny (Mike) I will stop watching. It’s time she’s bumped off!!!!

  3. Laura gray says

    I am so sick of Ava and Nina. It’s time they go. This storyline really sucks. Can’t the writers come up with something better than that?

  4. Laura gray says

    Nina should have stayed in her coma.

  5. Susan says

    Shouldn’t Phyllis be brought up on charges as well as Nina? She is the one who treated Sonny at the clinic. She realized he had lost his memory and didn’t help him find out who he was for months. Then Nina came to visit before going on a trip. She saw Sonny, decided to stay. So, actually neither one of the women are at fault for Sonny staying in Nixon Falls. Local Police new he was a stranger and didn’t look into it. They would have known about a missing man!
    Sonny did not want to find out who he was!!!!!

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