General Hospital Stars Speak Out In Support Of Co-Star Cassandra James

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General Hospital: Cassandra JamesGeneral Hospital spoilers reveal the stars of the soap coming together on social media to support Cassandra James, the transgender actress who plays co-GH chief of staff, Dr. Terry Randolph.

General Hospital Spoilers – Stars Stick Together

On Sunday, longtime GH star Ingo Rademacher took to Instagram to post an offensive meme against transgender women targeting U.S. Assistant Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine. By evening, James tweeted her response to her GH co-star and ever since the support has been pouring in from the soap’s cast.

“I am aware of a transphobic post shared by a fellow General Hospital actor. Shame on you. You have some serious unlearning and education to do. I feel deeply disappointed that such a public display of ignorance could come from our GH family,” James tweeted. “Misgendering trans folks is violence and if you come for one of us, you come for all of us. The cis world doesn’t get to decide which of us is valuable. I am so proud of the fans for always holding us to a high standard, for calling out transphobia and violence.”

While Nancy Lee Grahn was the first to respond to James, claiming Rademacher no longer works for ABC and General Hospital, that has not been confirmed by the soap or the actor. Still, that didn’t mean GH stars weren’t going to support James.

GH Spoilers – Maurice Benard, Laura Wright, And Others Show Support

A host of General Hospital stars used social media to stand by Cassandra James and transphobic remarks. The following is a sampling.

Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos): “I am aware of the transphobic post shared by a GH member & I would like to start by saying I am disgusted by this action. Misgendering trans individuals is dangerous & I do not support this behavior. I stand in support of all trans folks & echo the words of @cassandrajames_”

Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos): “I stand with and support @cassandrajames_ and the trans community. I was honored to speak with Cassandra in depth on @mbstateofmind. If you would like to further educate yourself please watch and then visit @glaad to learn how you can be an ally.”

Haley Pullos (Molly Lansing Davis): “Really disappointing to see someone from my own GH family adamantly choosing to stand in hatred instead of love and acceptance. trans women are women. period, the end. we fight for lgbtq+ rights in this house.”

Eden McCoy (Josslyn Jacks): “You are loved and valued Cassandra @cassandrajames_ and I will always stand with the LGBTQ community. we all deserve to live the beautiful lives we were born to. #GHFamily”

Mark Lawson (ex-Dustin): “Thinking of my friends at #GeneralHospital today. I can’t even really fathom how transphobia or homophobia can exist in our art. The first step of being an actor is developing your own empathy. From my own experience the show is run with a lot of thought and care.”

Maura West (Ava Jerome): “I wholeheartedly support and stand by @cassandrajames_ and the entire LGBTQ community. I did yesterday. I will tomorrow. I will forever. #TransRightsAreHumanRights”

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  1. Andrea says

    Ingo Rademacher is a jackass. I never have liked him on the show, but it is rather disgusting that adults act more like children than children. This self-righteousness needs to stop and stop now. We surely don’t need any more public figures adding their venom to the fire. Live and let live, if you don’t like it go your own way. I hope he leaves the show and never comes back. There is enough bigotry as it is.

  2. Robert P Thibault says

    It’s gratifying to see the actors defending Cassandra James. Love y GH people.

  3. Randie Walton says

    I am sorry that Ingo is Gone, and that GH took this stance. We are all entitled to how we feel. All this Firing of People today for not being on the right side of an issue, is Beyond the Pale. Time for the Rest of us to Push back and Stop Watching GH.
    I understand all about consequences, but we are losing our First Amendment Rights All Across the board and we will continue to lose our Freedoms if this continues.

  4. Erika says

    I was raised we treat each other with kindness and respect no matter your color, size, etc. means nothing. Grow up people!

    FYI: one day if god forbid your in a car accident and taken to the hospital they save your sorry ass!!!

  5. Katherine says

    I agree with him she needs to go stop putting it in our faces

  6. Katherine says

    I agree with him she needs to go stop putting it in our faces

    His Hayden Barnes is coming back great news.

  7. Denise Norris says

    I’m a 49 year fan of GH but I won’t watch/follow the show anymore and have deleted the app Hulu that I watched it on along with anything Disney owns. No one should be forced by mandate or threat of losing their jobs over a refusal to vaccinate. Land of the free used to actually mean something. I freely and with civility choose not to watch your programs……All of them.


    No one should judge others until they walk in their shoes. Cassaranda is a good actress, that is what counts. So show kindness and let people live their own lives.

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