90 Day The Single Life Fans Don’t Like The Direction Of The Show

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90 Day The Single Life90 Day: The Single Life Season 2 premiered on Discovery+ via TLC on Friday, Nov. 12. Well, fans already seem unhappy with the direction that the show takes. Actually, it seems rather risque and borders on a similar tone to Bares All, another spinoff. The new shows see the return of previous characters, and some of them are hardly believable. But, that’s not the issue. It seems to focus a lot on intimacies that bring way too much information.

TLC 90 Day Spoilers- The Single Life Cast Not Popular

Many of the cast members in season 2 were not popular in the first place, which doesn’t help. For example, a lot of TLC fans didn’t like that Big Ed returns. After all, he and Liz apparently broke up many times. As usual, fans took exception to the way he talked to her. Now, just ahead of the premiere, they announced that they became engaged. So, skepticism arises and fans suspect they do the show for the wrong reasons.

Jesse Meester managed to make his way back, another unpopular choice. Syngin Colchester was a bit better received, as fans always hoped he’d split from Tania.  90 Day: The Single Life also features Mother Debbie, which seems rather interesting. But, Stepahnie Matto, who failed in her same-sex relationship with Erika Owns generally got a poor reception. Jennifer Tarazona didn’t really ripple the water too much. However, Natalie Mordestova seems universally hated.

TLC 90 Day Spoilers – The Single Life Direction Seems Below The Belt

The Instagram account @youreroadchuckness, took to social media on November 12 and voiced their unhappiness about the new season. They posted a written card that talked about all the focus on rumpy-pumpy, masturbation, and other fetishes. It originated on Reddit from user r/Leeleebo18.  The cation noted, “My thoughts: …#90daythesinglelife is a #discoveryplus experiment to see how far we can go our First Amendment rights…” 

90 Day The Single Life Fans Don't Like The Direction Of The Show

They also mentioned about 90 Day: The Single Life, “You know [what] #stevenwithav had told in one of his IG Lives? He had to tell his secks life before the producers to boost viewers. But if we don’t want to talk this way, the audiences will lose appetite. So Matt Sharp, Dan Adler and co want to take advantage of this.” Naturally, fans took to the comments to talk about it.

TLC 90 Day Spoilers – Fans Comment

90 Day: The Single Life viewers joined in the comments. One of them said, “Well lemme tell ya…Bares All is the exact same way and I lost interest for that reason.” Then another fan wrote, “Oh god stephanies cooking show fetish made me🤢🤮.”

What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Mitzi says

    Not watching this new season. I’m tired of seeing Ed. At this point he thinks he’s a movie star and really isn’t trying for a wife. I do like his new haircut. I don’t like Stephanie. She never shuts up and thinks she’s better than everyone and thinks she knows it all. I knew when I saw Debbie on 90 days with Colt and Larissa that she was trying to get her own show. Her voice is irritating. Jesse is a mess and don’t care what he does or who he’s with. This show has gotten way out of hand. Go back to the original show and stop giving this people another chance at love, they had their chances!! This show has come off the rails now.

  2. Carolyn says

    I can watch Syngin and Debbie but the rest all not worthy of being watched. I am glad Ed finally cut his hair. Natalie, please should have been send her back to wherever!! Mike is a fool for staying married to her!! If that is still true. Stephanie bye bye & so can all the rest.

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