Little People Big World Alum Audrey Roloff Is Exhausted After Giving Birth

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Audrey RoloffLittle People, Big World fans heard that Audrey Roloff and Jeremy expected their baby to arrive in November. Well, little Radley arrived safe ad sound a week ago. However, the birth of this child seems to have really taken it out of his mom. Still, that doesn’t not mean that she just mopes around at home.

Little People, Big World – A lot Going On At The Moment

A lot happened in the Roloff family in double-quick time. Amy married Chris Marek. Now they enjoy their honeymoon. As soon as Pumpkin Season ended on the farm, Matt and Caryn went off for a break in Mexico. While they all enjoy their break, Audrey struggles following the birth of Radley. Probably, Amy and Matt are over the moon about the new grandchild, but really, only  mom can be a mom when it comes to breast feeding.

Meanwhile, Little People, Big World star Tori is busy in Washington with Jackson, Lilah and Zach. They moved there out of the blue and they look forward to welcoming their own child comes spring 2022. So, for now it looks like Jeremy and Audrey cope with the baby as just a couple. Childbirth is always tiring, but this time, the TLC alum seems to feel a lot of exhaustion.

Little People, Big World – Audrey Roloff Sleep-Deprived

Possibly, Radley settles into a sleep routine with difficulty right now. His mom seems very sleep deprived and exhausted. Taking to her Instagram on the weekend, she said that she only just dressed in something other then her night gown. In her Story, she explained that she feels “glad” that she spruced herself up a lot and met with friends. She said that they enjoyed a short dinner. That gave her a bit of a lift.

Little People Big World Audrey Roloff exhausted
Image credit: Audrey Roloff / Instagram

The Little People, Big World alum talked about how she didn’t wear a bra as she has some “boob issues.” Previously, she told her fans that she experiences too much milk production and that can be very uncomfortable.  She also became quite candid and talked about wearing a “giant pad under [her] dress.”

Little People, Big World – Mental Health Is Important

Audrey also told her fans that she didn’t feel like going out. However, she went anyway. So, she felt good because it is good for her “mental health.” The Little People, Big World alum decided that going out made her feel a lot better. Hopefully, she soon starts getting the sleep she needs. Every new parent knows that lack of sleep can make them feel very stressed when baby first comes home.

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