Sister Wives Star Savanah Brown Shares Rare Post On Instagram

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Sister WivesSister Wives star Savanah Brown will turn 17 in December and she’s starting to look like a very attractive young woman, fans agree. The youngest child of Janelle and Kody Brown, she seems very sweet and presents a quiet personality. These days, she’s the only child who still lives at home with her mom. Occasionally, she posts on Instagram, and this week, she shared a post that sounded rather cryptic.

Sister Wives – Star Savanah Brown Lives With Her Mom

Between Christine, Meri, and Janelle, only two children live at home. Robyn, of course, is a different story. However, fans saw that Truely and Savanah get along. Unfortunately, Truely left Flagstaff and lives with her mom Christine in Utah these days. When the rental where Janelle lived in Flagstaff sold, she relocated to the Coyote Pass property. There, she lived through the spring and summer with Savanah in an RV. Now that the cooler weather comes, they move to another rental.

Sister Wives fans speculated that Janelle and Savanah Brown might also relocate to Utah. Ahead of Season 16, fans heard that Kody and Christine officially split. When Janelle and Christine took a road trip with the two youngest kids, fans thought she might follow the other wife to Utah. However, she later said that she wants to still develop her home at Coyote Pass. Fans see on the show, that she sounds keen to get going with the plots.

Sister Wives – Star Savanah Shares A Rare Instagram Post

When Janelle shared a photo of Savanah Brown at her first homecoming, fans agreed that she looked amazing. Laid back, classic retro seemed to totally suit her. Many fans told her how beautiful she looked. Well, this time, Savanah shared her own photos. Once again, TLC fans seem very taken by her beauty. Actually, so far she only has 13 posts up on the platform. So, they seem rather rare.

Sister Wives Savanah Brown Instagram

As you can see from the post above, the young Sister Wives star wrote, “I walk around like everything is fine, but deep down, inside my shoe, my sock is sliding off.” Well, you might think that is very cryptic. Actually, it might simply be that her sock slid down as she walked around. In fact, she seems like an uncomplicated character. However, it could also be taken as a cryptic message. After all, she sees her family fractured right now.

Sister Wives – Cryptic? Aspyn Seems To Think Not

Sister Wives star Savanah Brown probably literally meant that she felt uncomfortable with her sock down in her shoe. After all, her sister Aspyn Brown Thompson commented, “So funny Savanah! Love you sis!” The kids in Janelle’s family seem very close to each other. So, if something was worrying Savanah, Aspyn would probably know about it.

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