Josh Duggar Trial News: Apparently There Is A Live Feed Of Court Proceedings

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19 Kids and Counting Star Josh

The Josh Duggar trial started and reporters cannot take phones or cameras into the court. That frustrated people who hoped they could see it on television. Well, apparently, there is a live feed up online, despite the court ruling. It’s not clear how that happened, but no doubt the news sends folks to their keyboards in a hurry. The oldest son of Jim Bob Duggar faces charges of allegedly downloading child porn off the internet.

Josh Duggar Trial Not To Be Televised, Says Judge

When the judge ruled that the court case would not allow cameras or recorders in the room, many people felt disappointed. It meant that fans of the reality TV show, Counting On fans could only wait until reports emerged in the mainstream media. Actually, the judge felt that given the former 19 Kids and Counting star’s association with a reality TV show, the television might sensationalize the case.

The first stages of the actual Josh Duggar trial only really started on December 1. It came hot on the heels of Thanksgiving. For Josh, it might be the last one he celebrates as a free man for a long time. Plenty of news emerged already and Katie Joy of Without A Chrystal Ball seems very prolific with what she shares on social media. So, you might wonder where she gets all her timely information from. Well, she’s the person who talked about a live feed.

Josh Duggar Trial Live Feed Discussed By Without A Crystal Ball

Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball is well-known for her anti-fundamentalist posts. Well, the trial of Jim Bob’s son gives her plenty of opportunities to keep her fans updated with new content. Developments roll off her feed every few hours, and naturally, those folks curious about the case flock there. Well, in a post about some unsavory footage that was shown to the jurors, Katie spilled the news about a live feed.

Josh Duggar Trial News Live Feed Of Court Proceedings

Kaite Joy mentioned in her main caption, that there is a live feed for the Josh Duggar trial. She said, “The Sun has a live feed. Which I do not know how they are bypassing the court order to not record or communicate during the trial.” Well, the original report from ABC reported. “A federal judge says no phones, laptops or recording devices will be allowed at next week’s child pornography trial for former reality TV star Josh Duggar.”  While it didn’t say anything about not communicating, without laptops or phones, it would be difficult to communicate as it happens.

Is The Feed Live?

Well, there is a feed about the Josh Duggar trial under the TV category on the The Sun’s website, Right now, it only shows old reports, that were regularly updated. Did you see anything actually rolling that revealed the actual court case as it happened? Sound off in the comments below.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the Counting On and 19 Kids and Counting cast right now. Come back here often for more news and updates about the Josh Duggar trial.


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