Welcome To Plathville: Moriah Plath Visits Her Siblings In Georgia

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Moriah Plath

Welcome To Plathville star Moriah Plath introduced her boyfriend Max to fans in Season 2 of the TLC show.  Her mom seemed a bit shocked as he rode a motorbike. Well by Season 3, she was away from her parents’ place in Georgia and enjoying a fine time as she explored her emancipation. This week, she visited her sisters at her parent’s home, but seemed happy that she didn’t have to stay there.

Welcome To Plathville Star Moriah Plath Left The Family Home

In Season 1 of the show, fans saw that Kim Plath told fans that her daughter Moriah was a rebel. Actually, TLC fans agreed that Moriah was way too controlled at home. In the show, they saw that Kim and Barry Plath imposed really strict rules on all the kids. At the time, they lived on a small farm.  The kids were homeschooled and couldn’t have any technology. Even sodas were banned. Moriah chafed to explore the world, and that meant clashing with her mom.

Actually, Kim always believed that Welcome To Plathville star Olivia was the bad influence on her daughter, Moriah Plath. Olivia married the oldest son, Ethan. He seemed incredibly naive, but their marriage seemed to work. However, she felt that Kim was way too strict with the kids. Kim objected, and the couple could only see the younger kids under supervision. In Season 2, the same rules applied to Micah, who left home. Then in Season 3, the rules applied to Moriah. Mind you, towards the end of the season, fans saw that Kim and Barry grew more accepting of Moriah.

Welcome To Plathville Fans Saw Moriah  Talk About Moving To Tampa

Moriah Plath saw that Olivia and Ethan decided to move away from his family in Georgia. Our Teen Trends reported that Olivia was really stoked about their move to Tampa. Well, Moriah also decided to join them. In time, her boyfriend Max also plans on joining them there. Micah refused though, as he prefers a bit more independence. Well, this week, Moriah told her fans that she went back to visit her siblings. It looked like Micah accompanied her, as he drove the car.

Welcome To Plathville Moriah Plath Visits her Siblings In Georgia

The Welcome To Plathville star clearly prefers that living away from home means less interference from her mom and dad. Plus, she lives her own life now. So, she doesn’t need to worry about fixing up anything back home. She seemed really happy to see her sisters again. Hopefully, things went okay for her with her mom and dad as well.

Are Kim and Barry Softening Their Attitudes?

Welcome To Plathville fans saw that Moriah’s parents seemed a lot happier with the older kids by the end of Season 3. Actually, in a way, Barry and Kim seemed more accepting about the kids growing up. Will they continue softening their attitude? Perhaps fans will only find out if TLC brings the show back for a fourth season.

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