Josh Duggar Reportedly In Protective Custody From Other Inmates

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Josh DuggarJosh Duggar and his legal team didn’t manage to convince the jury that someone else might have remotely accessed his work computer to download porn. So, he was found guilty and booked behind bars to await his sentencing. He only returns for that in about April, so he has a long wait ahead of him. Now, he has reportedly been placed into protective custody to keep him safe from other inmates.

Josh Duggar Trial Didn’t Go The Way He Hoped

Right from the start, TLC fans and others who followed the trial heard that the defense would try and blame someone else for the crime. Actually, at the end of the trial, it really came down to just two witnesses that mattered. Those were James  Fottrell for the state and Michele Bush for the defense. The defense expert claimed it was very possible that someone hacked Josh’s laptop remotely. Well, the jury went with the more realistic evidence presented by James Fottrell.

During his trial, footage revealed what Josh Duggar allegedly downloaded and viewed. It seemed incredibly disturbing and even involved a baby girl. Well, now guilty and sitting in prison, angry people hate that he suffers less than the victims that he watched. Inmate facilities sometimes get reported as places where people involved with child abuse might suffer serious attacks. Probably, that explains why Josh reportedly sits in protective custody.

Josh Duggar – Washington County Detention Center

Fans know from mainstream media that Josh went to the Washington County Detention Center where he remains without bail. The fact that he’s in protective custody got discussed on social media. On the Something Awful forum, user Automatic Slim posted up about it. It read, “Josh Duggar is going to have to be in protective custody from Day One. That’s most likely in solitary and solitary is takes its mental tole (sic) fast.” Well, On Instagram, Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball also talked about protective custody.

Josh Duggar Reportedly In Protective Custody From Other Inmates

If the report from Katie Joy is correct, and Josh Duggar stays in solitary, then he might not be able to receive visitors. One follower wrote, “My brother has unfortunately been to jail and prison here in Arkansas. Solitary also means no phone calls or visits. They may be protecting him but he is very much still being punished.” Meanwhile, some folks with county detention experience noted that protective custody might not be that strict as large prisons. Well, for some fans, that’s not enough, A few Counting On fans really wished dire things for Josh.

Josh Duggar – Fans Angry That Nobody Protected The Children

Many people feel angry that Jim Bob and Michelle never protected their own daughters from Josh Duggar. Some folks feel that they brushed his molestation scandal under the rug. Plus, others know the little kids in the porn videos suffered as well. One of them penned, “Who protected those innocent babies? Why does he get protection? But I know… it’s the system.”

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