General Hospital Spoilers: Devastation As News Reaches PC That Luke Spencer Has Died!

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General Hospital: Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary)General Hospital (GH) spoilers and rumors tease that there will be devastation as news reaches Port Charles that Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) has died! Longtime General Hospital viewers will recall that Luke was the stuff of legend!

General Hospital Spoilers And Rumors – A Photo On A Monitor Behind Nicholas Chavez Showed Jane Elliot

General Hospital viewers will recall that several years ago Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) and Luke had a romance, and eventually got married and moved to Europe. Jane has been back on a recurring basis every so often, but Anthony has only made a cameo – understandable, since he’s living in Amsterdam. Recently, a social media post by Nicholas Chavez, who plays Spencer Cassadine, accidentally had a shot of a monitor in the background in which there appeared to be an older woman on a boat.

Around the same time, Jane Elliot appeared to be filming and the internet went abuzz about what she was doing in the shot, especially since Nicholas deleted the post soon afterwards. General Hospital viewers know that means there was a leak that the powers that be didn’t want to get out. Some fans speculated it had something to do with Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan) who has been off the canvas and in an indeterminate coma may die, and the older woman is Tracy, standing on the Haunted Star, which Luke gave to Lulu possibly representing him at Lulu’s funeral.

GH Spoilers And Rumors – Some Fans Blew Up The Image And Spotted What Appeared To Be An Urn

Some General Hospital viewers blew up the image that appears to be Jane Elliot as Tracy Quartermaine and spotted what appears to be an urn in her hand. If that indeed is what it is, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for Tracy to be scattering Lulu’s ashes, that should be her mother Laura Collins (Genie Francis) if anyone. If Laura was too devastated then Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) would probably be the one to do so, if Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson) was unable to come to Port Charles.

Nothing indicates a Lucky sighting so far, and the last time he was spotted on General Hospital was when he brought Jake Webber (Hudson West) back from Cassadine Island, after he was found alive there. It’s doubtful if he didn’t show up or even scored a script mention when Lulu went into the coma, that he’d show up for her funeral, if at all! If this scene in the background of Nicholas’ deleted post indeed was of Jane filming Tracy on the Haunted Star with a cremation urn, considering his age, it’s more likely that Luke has passed!

General Hospital Spoilers And Rumors – Devastating News, Kevin Tries To Get Laura To Open Up

Considering Tracy married Luke, if this scene is indeed her scattering ashes in a future episode of General Hospital, it makes sense for news of Luke’s death to be devastating news. Longtime General Hospital viewers will remember that Luke was a legendary soap opera icon, with his and Laura’s wedding having been viewed by millions! The wedding of Luke and Laura, in 1981 broke a record in its day for viewings.

Other spoilers for the same week show Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) will try to get Laura to open up about something, and that could be about the news of Luke’s death. Bear in mind, General Hospital is taped around six weeks ahead of airdate, and this deleted post was only put up around the middle of December, when Nancy Lee Grahn also hinted that a good friend of hers was filming.

That means if the spoilers about devastating news and Kevin getting Laura to open up, which take place the first week of January are about Luke’s death, his funeral and Jane’s scenes will probably not air until around the last week of January. Laura likely would be devastated by the death of Luke, as would the entire city of Port Charles!

Stay tuned to General Hospital, and keep checking General Hospital spoilers frequently, for all the latest news, updates, and developments!

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  1. gh2021 says

    This story line is just messed up. More deaths?? Why not recast his character. Lulu needs her dad

  2. Cindy Bryant says

    Luke has been dead for years. I can’t believe anyone even cares about him.He had his time in Port Charles and he chose to bring it to an end, So why bring him back now??? No one cares!! I have watched GH since the beginning. if Luke had decided to put in an appearance on occasion fine, like when his daughter was placed in a full care facility. He chose not to so please leave his ass in Amsterdam or kill him off but leave it in Amsterdam not PC> We don’t give a rats ass. It looks like the writers have a block and can’t think of damn thing to write about. Sasha and Brandon just lost their baby….WHY?? once again you can’t write! Where was the Christmas miracle???!!!! That was a g real storyline in the making but you screwed it up real good. We are sooo tired of Nina. Please let Carly whoop her ass. Can’t stand her. Her time is up as well but you will drag her and Sonny in and out of the dirt cause you can’t write worth shit. You can try to do something with the Alexis character…again so tired of her holier that thou shit on and off the camera. She needs to be held accountable on what she says about other actors on the show. She should just be jealous since her story line sucks as well but leave Jason and Jax alone. hey made that show and still do and all she is an ungrateful fool. She should have been killed off in prison. That would have made everyone’s day!

    1. Judy In South Carolina says

      If you have truly watched this show “from the beginning” as you claimed, there is NO way you would write that the death of an iconic character like Lucas Lorenzo Spencer doesn’t matter (especially based on the fact you have a bone to pick with Anthony Geary choosing to retire and live in Amsterdam). Your entire comment was filled with anger directed at GH characters, writers and actors so I seriously doubt that you are much of a fan.

      (I will admit, however, that I agree with your opinion of Nancy Lee Grahn’s personal attacks on her fellow castmates via Twitter – they were absolutely tasteless, rude and condescending. I hope she continues to receive the backlash of GH fans that I have been seeing!)

  3. Diane837 says

    I love Nina and who said Carly going to whip her I think Nina can handle her own Luke I was surprised to hear his name if anything Tracy let Luke stay where he’s at he had so many chances to come back and didn’t no love lost Willard gets what she deserves best to mind your business I love chase and Ned daughter and I hop Britt end up with Drew Nina with sonny Carly and Nina that should be a good fight my money on Nina

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