90 Day Fiance Casting Call Goes Out – How To Apply

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90 Day Fiance90 Day Fiance fans love the TLC franchise and it looks like there’s no end to the number of spinoffs and seasons that come along. Now, another casting call went out for Before The 90 Days, it could be your chance to feature on television along with your long-distance partner. Heres’ how you can apply for it.

90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days – Casting Call

Perhaps you’d like to be the new Loren Brovarnik and produce some adorable babies. Or, are you up for a crazy ride with thousands of Team A and B supporters like Caleb and Alina Perhaps, you’re the new eccentric mayo-hair guy like Big Ed Brown or a new heartthrob to tantalize single fans like Aladin Jalali.

Actually, the show brings such a vast range of characters, that even if you just want to be you, you may as well give it a try. Of course, if you consider it, then be prepared for a whole lot of abuse on social media. It takes a tough person to cope with the trolls.

90 Day Fiance has so many fans, that you don’t have to bring over-the-top drama like Paul and Karine Staehler. Whoever you are, you stand as good a chance as anyone else of making the cut. Well, another new casting call went out on December 2, so now’s your chance to be a villain or a hero to many folks who want to hear your story.

90 Day Fiance  – Casting Call Comes Two Weeks After The Last One

On December 16, 90 Day Fiancé Casting on Instagram put out a call for Before The 90 Days. However, it’s not too late to apply. Another call went out on January 2. The requirements seem quite simple.

Notably, you must be dating someone long-distance. Then, you have to have never met in real life before. Additionally, you need to be over the age of 18 to apply. The casting notice explains, “Are you finally meeting your long distance love for the very first time?! Take us with you! Now casting for our hit series ‘BEFORE THE 90 DAYS’!”

90 Day Fiance Casting Call Goes Out - How To Apply
90 Day Fiancé Casting / Instagram

There is a 90 Day Fiance website where you may apply online, but the two ads specifically ask that you email them for more info. So, if you’re seriously hoping for a chance to be on the TLC show, it might be best to send your inquiry to “K1SHOWCASTING@GMAIL.COM.”

Judging from those folks who applied in the past, don’t expect to get a notification back. Some people complained in the comments that they sent off everything required, but never heard back. One of them wrote, “Never heard back.”

90 Day Fiance  – Plenty Of Competition

Applying for 90 Day Fiance doesn’t guarantee your acceptance. One wannabe commented, “We did a back and forth… I filled out the form that was emailed to me and sent photos… I guess they thought we wouldn’t have much drama, so I never heard back. We would have been good for the show…😬”

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the TLC franchise right now. Come back here often for more 90 Day Fiance spoilers, news, and updates.

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