90 Day Fiancé Star Ella Johnson Looks Forward To Future With Johnny

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‘90 Day Fiancé: Ella JohnsonDespite viewers doubting their relationship, “90 Day Fiancé” star Ella Johnson has hinted that she and Johnny are getting stronger and are looking forward to doing fun activities soon.

During their first episode, it was seen that Ella was delighted to connect with Johnny when the two met at the “Asian men, White women” group, for she has this obsession with Asian culture, especially anime characters.

Now that the two are getting serious with their relationship, Johnny mentioned that he is willing to leave China as well as his job in electric car manufacturing and embrace the life of the ranch with Ella in Idaho. As the pandemic is still at its peak, the avid viewers of the show are disbelieving that Johnny would make it to the borders of the United States.

‘90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers – A Good Relationship

Despite being miles apart from each other, Ella has proven that she is in a good relationship with Johnny and she looks forward to being with him anytime soon. In one of her posts on Instagram, she shared a photo of her in a pink floral dress and the ranch as her background.

In the comment section, somebody asked if Ella has been to any Anime Expo in LA since she loves to do cosplay. The Idaho resident responded: “Not yet. LOL. The only anime conventions I have been to are in Boise but I hope to go to many more with Johnny.”

Though a lot don’t believe that their relationship would work out, Ella continues to give proof that her relationship with Johnny is doing great and she is excited to do her hobbies with him.

‘90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers –  Ella Johnson Surprises Everyone With Her Witchcraft Activity

“90 Day Fiancé’s” Ella Johnson has revealed her battle of weight insecurities during the first episode of the TLC show but her boyfriend, Johnny, is still willing to see her personally despite her physical appearance.

TLC fans have been criticizing Ella because of her extreme love for anime characters that she was accused of fetishizing her Asian man. Another bunch of negative comments were flooding online when the TLC star was seen practicing a witchcraft activity with her coven.

The official Instagram page of “90 Day Fiancé” shared a clip of Ella doing the activity with a caption: “In 2022, we’re doing spells to better ourselves!” The Idaho resident mentioned that she’s doing the activity to have a great relationship with Johnny.

The post gained a lot of words from critics who were not supportive of the idea. With this witchcraft activity, will Ella and Johnny possess a happy ever after?

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