The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) Spoilers: Cassandra Creech Joins Bold As Paris Buckingham’s Mom

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Cassandra CreechThe Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers indicate that Cassandra Creech has joined Bold as Paris Buckingham’s (Diamond White) mother, Grace Buckingham. Creech is a former As The World Turns alum.

The Bold And The Beautiful – The Stars Were Aligned

The Bold And The Beautiful’s Creech says that stars must have been aligned because everything just fell into place. Creech says everything went fine on the read with Diamond when she auditioned for the part. Creech says it is extraordinary being there, the rest is history. Creech says that Grace is a doctor. Grace loves her daughters and wants what is best for them.

Creech agrees that Grace can be overprotective, even overbearing at times. Creech says that like most women, Grace wants to offer guidance to her kids. Grace also says she wants her kids to develop their own sense of direction and believes that she has done that by doing her best to not interfere in her daughter’s private lives. However, Grace wants to keep her daughter’s on the straight and narrow. Grace is nothing like their father. Grace may even be more overprotective because of the mess Zoe Buckingham (ex-Kiara Barnes) got into with her father.

B&B Spoilers – Cassandra Creech Feels She Is Home

After two previous soaps runs, Days and As The World Turns, Creech says she is home. Creech is thrilled to be back in the world of Daytime Tv and reminisces about her first job on As The World Turns. Creech says she is still friends with former producer Felicia MInei Behr. Creech says she will always appreciate the thoughtfulness, respect, and appreciation she received. Creech also speaks highly of Ed Scott from The Bold And The Beautiful as well.

The Bold And The Beautiful – Grace Buckingham Is Reoccurring

The Bold And The Beautiful’s Grace is a reoccurring role currently but Scott was blown away by the scenes between Creech and White. Creech says that Scott is very collaborative. Creech is thrilled with the job at The Bold And The Beautiful and finds everyone there very easy to work with. Creech says she would be open to a more permanent position on the show. Creech says she would love to create this character with this group of actors, she is honored to have this opportunity.

With Paris’ attitude toward marriage and commitment, it might be nice to have her mother around for some guidance. Will Grace stick around and maybe work in Los Angeles for a while? Will Grace give Paris some much-needed advice about serious relationships? Could Grace help Paris realize her true feelings for Zende Forrester (Delon De Metz)?

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