General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Insightful Maurice Benard Tackles Viewers’ Questions On State Of Mind

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General Hospital: Maurice BenardGeneral Hospital (GH) spoilers show that three-time Emmy award-winning actor, author, and mental health advocate Maurice Benard has a popular podcast, State Of Mind. He uses the platform to spread awareness of mental health issues and he has hosted many of his costars over the years.

He recently turned the tables, and the microphone, around and gamely answered questions from the fans.

General Hospital Spoilers – Maurice Benard Hosts State Of Mind

Benard was asked how someone might recognize that they are dealing with a mental health issue and he responded: It is an emotion, a fear, or whatever that you can’t control and it just takes you over. If you are bipolar and you have a manic episode – you start talking faster, you might start buying things for no reason, you have a lot more rage. Everything is heightened. If it is anxiety – you are paranoid, you have a lot of fear. Depression – you don’t want to get out of bed. That is how you know.”

He was also asked to describe the most significant life lesson that he has imparted to his daughters: “That’s a great question,” he said. “I think the greatest life lesson that I have given them is that they have a father that loves them and they have been able to watch a father who loves his wife. Enormously. And maybe even a father who has been able to overcome mental health. Because they have seen it firsthand.”

GH spoilers – Maurice Benard Answered Fans’ Questions

He also gave advice for those wondering how to help a loved one who may need help even though they deny needing assistance. He said, “That’s a great question! It’s hard because if you are over 18, you can’t force anyone to get help. You’ve got to be persistent but you’ve got to have patience. Don’t stop trying to have talks with the person. Maybe have them watch State of Mind.”

General Hospital Spoilers – What Happens Next In Port Charles, New York?

When he is not helping others, Benard plays Sonny Corinthos on the ABC soap. At the moment his character is involved in an epic life dilemma and fans are loving the daytime drama. Sonny suffered amnesia and lived out what seemed like an eternity being presumed dead. He is back home now, but the past has followed him in the form of vixen Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros). Who will Sonny chose to spend the rest of his life with, Nina or his wife Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright)?

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  1. Naomi says

    Carly and Sonny need to work on there marriage and make it work and he need to take his medication. Carly need to fight for her marriage, have Nina find somebody new. Nina and Willow need to get DNA test done and also Harmony it can be done many of time. Willow was adopted find out who is her real mother is

  2. Just 123 says

    It’ll be very sad if this absurd Sonny/Nina storyline breaks up Carly and Sonny. Those two have been to hell and back, not only WITH each other but also FOR each other and it doesn’t say much for one of the strongest and longest marriages on GH if this and the likes of Nina can break them up.

  3. Debi says

    Maurice knows that Bipolar needs to be continually monitored and meds maintained and/or adjusted. Sadly there are a lot of people “feel great” and believe they have no need for the meds and stop them….very dangerous. I hope Sonny sees his doc and gets back on his meds….with the doctor explaining the negative assumptions that all is well and no longer needing meds. JMHO

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