Selena Gomez Is Super Grateful to Have Her Rare Beauty Team

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Selena GomezThe “Lose You to Love Me” singer is living her best life. With a cooking channel that makes fans drip to a very successful celebrity beauty brand, and that’s leaving aside the chat-topping album, the hit movies and her very own swimwear collection, it’s safe to say that whatever she’s involved in spins gold.

And while she may be the face, or the voice, or the name that sells the movie, song or brand, in true Gomez fashion, she showed her appreciation to the team that’s helped her scale the heights. And wow, do I wish I was one of them.

Selena Gomez Pens Personal Letter To Her Rare Beauty Team

As they say, appreciation goes a long way, or is it gratitude or something else…? Anyway, the 29-year-old “was inspired to sit down and personally write” a letter to her rare beauty team over the holiday break. The letter took the entire back page of the Styles section of Sunday’s New York Times.

“I want to thank you for all your hard work in making the brand such a beloved part of our community. None of it would have been possible without you,” she wrote in the full-page letter, published on Jan. 9.

“My goal with Rare Beauty was to launch a brand that helped shape the dialogue around the beauty of self-acceptance and embracing your uniqueness — something that has been desperately needed in the beauty space. The heart of this brand is in recognizing that we’re not meant to look a certain way, and that we’re all unique and different and that’s something that should be celebrated,” Gomez, who launched the cosmetics line in September 2020, continued.

“I knew when I founded the brand that we would need to win over skeptics who doubted our commitment to deliver great products with an authentic mission,” Gomez said. “But with all your hard work and dedication, I believe we have proven that we are building a brand that will deliver on our promise.”

Selena Gomez Wants To Give Her Team The Platform They Deserve

Selena Gomez — who released her first full-length Spanish language record last March and topped Billboard’s Top Latin Albums with it — thanked her Rare Beauty team for “making an impact,” “building a community,” “prioritizing mental health in the workplace” and “developing an amazing line of vegan, cruelty-free products for all to feel good in.”

Gomez also used the Rare Impact Fund to venture into underserved areas. Congratulating her team on the positive impact they’ve made, she wrote that over the past year “we donated $1.2M to 8 grantees. We also launched #MentalHealth101, a campaign to rally the philanthropic community around mental health in schools, raising 68,000 signatures and $400,000 in support.”

Gomez thanked her team for getting more than 200 products in Sephora locations around the world, and for helping cultivate a brand that encourages its customers to “feel good wearing our products and feel good about who they are.”

“If you’re wondering why you’re seeing this letter in the New York Times, it’s because I wanted to give your accomplishments the platform they deserve,” Gomez noted.

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