The Bold And The Beautiful Star Rena Sofer Sells Her Pottery For A Good Cause!

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Rena SoferRena Sofer, famed for her role as Quinn Fuller on The Bold And The Beautiful, often shares her favorite hobby on social media. And now Sofer has decided to use that hobby for a good cause. Turning to Instagram, The Bold And The Beautiful star just revealed how fans can purchase her pottery to help her favorite non-profit organizations. 

Find out how you can own one of Rena’s ceramic crafts. And discover what The Bold And The Beautiful star revealed about why she chose to donate some of the proceeds below. 

The Bold And The Beautiful – Star Sells Pottery In Response To Fans

Rena Sofer has found the perfect way to relax when she’s not playing Quinn Fuller on The Bold And The Beautiful. As she shared on Instagram, Rena turns to her pottery wheel to fulfill her creative side. But although Sofer has shared many photos from her ceramic work, she never made her creations available before.

Now, though, as The Bold And The Beautiful star wrote in her caption, she’s listened to fans who longed to own one of her mugs, sculptures, and other pottery. “Hey everybody!!! It’s finally here!! I have put up my own website to sell my pottery!!!” gushed Rena. 

“So many of you have been asking me where and when you can purchase some of my pieces…so here it is!!! You can find my f**k off and bull sh*t mugs there (although those are in the kiln and are coming soon!).” In addition, Sofer shared that she will sell incense burners, vases, bowls, and pitchers as well as her sculptures.

B&B – Rena Sofer Shares How Pottery Proceeds Go To A Good Cause

A devoted animal lover, The Bold And The Beautiful star revealed that she plans to donate some of the money to her favorite non-profit organizations. “10% of all proceeds will go to different animal shelters, rescues and causes!” shared Rena. “And thank you to @sbookstaver and Bear for helping me make this video.”

Rena Sofer

The shout-outs go to Sofer’s husband, Sanford Bookstaver, and her dog Bear, according to Soap Hub. But on her new website, Rena Sofer Ceramics, The Bold And The Beautiful star actually poses with FOUR adorable dogs (and no husband)! And in her mission statement, Rena explains the links among her acting career, her pottery passion, and her love for animals. 

“In 2016, I was going through a very difficult time in my life,” recalled Sofer. “I felt lost,afraid and alone, and I knew I had to redirect those feelings into something productive. I’ve always loved dogs but rescue was never really in my forethought. My daughter at the time wanted a puppy and that was the beginning of that journey.”

After The Bold And The Beautiful star met individuals who valued animals, she also began to take pottery classes. “As I became more studied in ceramics, I found my own voice in my work,” shared Rena. “And realized that I can marry my three passions for good. With acting, ceramics and animal rescue, I have felt fulfilled in my second phase of life.”

Tell us what you think. Do you plan to buy one of Sofer’s pottery pieces? What do you think of her decision to donate 10% of all sales on her site to animal rescues? After you’ve shared your views, check back on our site for more news about The Bold And The Beautiful!

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