Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) Spoilers: William Christian Dishes On Joining Days

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Days Of Our Lives; William Christian

Days of Our Lives William Christian recently opened up about joining the cast of Days of Our Lives. The former All My Children stars plays Paulina Price’s (Jackee Harry) abusive ex-boyfriend and Lani Grant’s (Sal Stowers) father.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers  – Christian Likes Playing The Bad Guy

Days of Our Lives Christian admits that he is tired of playing the guy who gets shot, chased, hung, or ends up in a prison cell. Christian says he was nervous about rejoining the daytime circuit. However, Christian likes his character and that is worth getting back into the swing of things. Christian says the work at Days moves faster than any other soap that he’s worked on. Of course, fans know that Days usually tapes about six months ahead. Other soaps barely manage to keep four to six weeks ahead of schedule. Christian worked on Days in 2018 and is having fun getting back into the swing of things.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Covid Protocols

Days of Our Lives Christian says that Covid protocols make things different. Christian is used to walking around the set and talking to people but now you are not allowed back on set. Covid has changed the way everything on set is done including masks etc. Christian says this is a challenge. However, the director has set Christian at ease. Christian also says he has made a few friends on the Days set as well. Christian especially loves working with Jackee’ and Sal. Christian jokes about wondering how Sal could learn two scenes in ten minutes. He says she’s good at what she does. Christian also chuckles about how tall Sal is.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – William Christian Loves Working With All The Actors

Days of Our Lives Christian loves working with all the actors on set. Christian finds it amusing that Jackee’s room number is 227 just like her former show. Christian says he learned from friends on AMC how to have a good work ethic. Christian also loves his new character. T.R Coates has so many levels and he cannot wait to see how this story unfolds. Christian says that TR is a meaty character and he loves playing him. Christian could not be more thrilled with the family that Days has given his character. Christian admits that he hopes to do the character justice.

T.R. Coates may be coming into Salem to work with Johnny Dimera (Carson Boatman). However, T.R. doesn’t realize that he has made a deal with the Devil. What will the Devil make T.R. do before his time in Salem is up?

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