Dancing With The Stars Judge FIRED From DWTS Parent Show, Strictly Come Dancing!

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Dancing With The Stars One of the most famous judges onDancing With The Stars (DWTS) allegedly just got FIRED from DWTS’ parent show, “Strictly Come Dancing!” But the firing sparked questions about the future of DWTS. For instance, will DWTS itself let go of that same judge? And who might replace him? 

Discover which judge reportedly got fired from “Strictly Come Dancing” below. And see the parallels between that show and Dancing With The Stars.” Catch up with the hottest news about these TV dance competition shows below! 

Who Got FIRED From ‘Strictly Come Dancing’? 

For years, Bruno Tonioli served as one of the most beloved judges on “Dancing With The Stars.” But Bruno also played that same role on “Strictly Come Dancing.” Or at least he did! Tonioli allegedly just got fired from DWTS’ parent show, per Monsters and Critics.

As a result, fans feel shocked by his departure. And many also worry about whether “Dancing With The Stars” will follow the lead of “Strictly Come Dancing” by axing Bruno as well. But the events leading up to the alleged firing offer a clue, pointed out the Express

And it appears that COVID-19 rules played a key role in the alleged departure of Bruno for several reasons. As a result of the rules, “Strictly Come Dancing” welcomed professional dancer Anton Du Beke last year as a judge, replacing Bruno. And that substitution resulted from coronavirus rules blocking Bruno from entering the UK. But now BBC management reportedly has come up with different reasons for keeping Anton and axing Tonioli!

Will Bruno Tonioli Return To Judge Dancing Shows?

After judging “Strictly Come Dancing” for 16 years, Bruno expected to return to the show. But the BBC reportedly chose to ax Tonioli and give Anton a permanent seat. And an insider revealed two reasons for that decision. 

First, the BBC bosses felt “really happy” with Anton’s performance, shared the source. And second, they appreciate the fact that his salary costs them “considerably” less than Bruno’s! As a result, Tonioli likely will not return to “Strictly Come Dancing.” 

But what does that mean for his future on “Dancing With The Stars”? Bruno himself dropped several clues! For instance, he responded to allegedly getting axed from DWTS parent show by mocking his replacement. “Good for him,” joked Tonioli. “He needs the money. “

And Bruno reportedly showed no signs of worrying that he will get fired from “Dancing With The Stars” as well. Instead, he beamed at the cameras in London, reported the Daily Mail. And an insider dropped clues about Tonioli’s future on both dance shows. 

“This decision will ruffle some feathers,” admitted the source about the firing. “But the bosses’ attitude is, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And that means hope that Bruno will remain on “Dancing With The Shows” for the next season. 

Tell us what you think! Do you want Bruno to judge DWTS next season? And after you’ve shared your views, check back on our site for more “Dancing With The Stars” news! 


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