Dancing With The Stars Spoilers: Maksim Chmerkovskiy Finally Ready To Leave Ukraine After Being Arrested

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Maksim ChmerkovskiyDancing With The Stars Maksim Chmerkovskiy is finally ready to leave Ukraine after being arrested. Chmerkovskiy was in Ukraine judging dance competitions when Russia began to bomb select sites. Chmerkovskiy offered an update on his Instagram account from the streets of Kyiv.

Dancing With The Stars News – The Streets Are Crazy

Dancing With The Stars Maksim pans his camera around the streets of Kyiv as he offers his update. Maksim says he once got arrested and points to a point not far from the door of the location where has taken shelter. Maksim says it’s all good but being arrested was a reality check. Maksim goes on to say that the arrest was probably the least traumatizing part of his time in Kyiv so far.

Maksim did not give any details on his arrest but asked his followers not to panic if he disappears for a while. Maksim is on his way to try to escape through the borders. Maksim says he only speaks to his wife Peta Murgatroyd and his parents as he sends a message to distant relatives. Maksim started sharing updates before heading to the bomb shelter after the initial attack on the capital. Maksim’s hotel is equipped with a bunker and he shares updates from there.

Dancing With The Stars News – Maksim Chmerkovskiy Afraid For Friends

Dancing With The Stars Chmerkovskiy also expressed his fear for friends. Chmerkovskiy has friends that are headed for the Polish border. Poland is a part of NATO and protected by its allies, unlike Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy declared martial law on Thursday across the country. This action mobilized Ukraine’s 36,000 military reserves and called for citizens to take up arms as well. Furthermore, men ages 18 – 60 have been banned from leaving the country. Maksim falls into this category but has not revealed if this applies to him or not.

Dancing With The Stars – Maksim Chmerkovskiy Is Concerned For Others

Dancing with the Stars Chmerkovskiy is concerned for the people being called to defend their country. Maksim also expressed concern for the elderly who have just gotten over COVID and parents with young children. Maksim says children are getting sick from having to stay in the basement without heat. Maksim says that parents cannot just get up and run, you cannot call an Uber like in the United States.

Maksim sent out a stern message to Russian propagandists: “If anybody out there thinks that Ukraine is doing it to itself, you’re f–king misinformed and you need to check your sources. In the case of Russians, you need to check your leadership. Your leadership is rotten and they are lying to you.”

Maksim fears that if this is not settled in a couple of days, things may get a lot worse. Maksim expects more aggressive actions and a lot more casualties.

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