The Masked Singer Fans React To ‘Bad To The Bone’ Rudy

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The Masked SingerThe Masked Singer spoilers emerged months ago about Rudy Giuliani appearing. Well, the leaks now got shown on the show, despite almost everyone knowing about it ages ago. Of course, folks had a lot to say about the once-upon-a-time hero of the USA. It came after he was unveiled as the Jack In The Box who belted out Bad To The Bone.

The Masked Singer – Rudy Giuliani Unmasked

About 21 years ago, Rudy was feted and praised for his amazing job after the Twin Towers collapsed in New York. Quickly, the Mayor brought order to chaos, hope, dedication, and compassion in the wake of the shocking incident that left thousands of people dead and injured. Well, those days are long gone and some people only see the trainwreck that arrived in his life since then.

Judging by the comments about The Masked Singer this week, young fans might not even know that the man behind the mask once had soaring popularity. Well, he committed the social crime of trying to help to prove that there was election fraud in 2020. So, plenty of people loved that Judge Ken Jeong walked out.

The Masked Singer – Fans React To Rudy On The Show

The news arrived on Twitter and within mere hours, thousands of comments arrived about Rudy. Andrew Kaczynski shared the news, and he said on Twitter, “Rudy Giuliani sings “Bad to the Bone” on Masked Singer as host @kenjeong leaves saying, “I’m done.”

The Masked Singer Fans React To Bad To The Bone Rudi
Andrew Kaczynski / Twitter

The Masked Singer fans seem seriously unhappy. One of them, @Trying4ChangeNH replied, “I flipped through the channels and just happened to catch the costume. I knew immediately it was him. I’m still disgusted that he was allowed on this. I haven’t watched an episode this season and even though he’s finally done I won’t watch the entire season.”

The Masked Singer – An Old Man Tired Of Taking The Heat?

The Masked Singer revealed that when Nick Cannon asked Rudy why he entered the show, he sounded unhappy. Firstly, he spoke about showing his grandchild that they could achieve anything. But then he said, “It just seemed like it would be fun, [as] I don’t get to have a lot of fun.”

Well, old, tired, and vilified doesn’t mean people hold back with their criticism. Many comments came including this one by @NoBiggety: “Kudos to Ken Jeong!!! Nothing but 💕💕 for ya!!! Rudy – I don’t need to ever see him unless he’s being arrested! #themasksinger Nick Cannon you ducked up with this one!!!!”

Clearly, it was a big “Biggety” in the life of that critic.

However, not everyone slammed Rudy or praised Ken Jeong. One commenter wrote, “Typical response when someone who lacks maturity can’t even do their job because of a political disagreement. This is why as a nation we’re stuck in the quagmire.”

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  1. Christy says

    Well I did like to watch the show every week .but I won’t watch it again .but not because Rudy was on it but Ken made it political something it was now it even comes to this .ken you are a Karen. Rudy stood up for your people in NY when all this happened along with omahr people and that’s the thanks he gets. Well this is one person who turns the Chanel off when your on it from now on even in your commercials .you are such a child you back like everyone has to believe like you well guess what we all have a brain and can make our own mind up just like I did when I saw you treat someone who help so many people with no respect. But I bet if old lost Joe was up there you would of run on stage and kissed his shoes .be careful doing that I heard his pop runs out of the dipper a lot. Ever at the UN meeting lmao.
    Good bye Ken see you no more.

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