General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Nancy Lee Grahn Boycotts Starbucks

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Nancy Lee Grahn General Hospital’s Nancy Lee Grahn, who has played Alexis Davis for over two decades, tends to firmly voice her beliefs on her social media accounts. Whether it is a political post or about a franchise she feels is treating someone unfairly, Nancy’s inner Alexis comes out. What is Nancy’s beef with Starbucks?

General Hospital Spoilers – Nancy Lee Grahn Believes Starbucks Has Been Unfair

General Hospital’s Nancy has chosen once again to stand up for something she holds near and dear to her heart. Nancy has openly taken a shot at Kevin Johnson, the CEO of Starbucks. Nancy states that Johnson increased his salary last year by 40 percent. Nancy states that “His baristas average $11.82 an hour. Several Starbucks workers were fired for attempts to unionize. I’m saving about $30 a week by not buying Starbucks. It’s been 6 weeks so far.” It seems that Nancy is not suffering after walking away from Starbucks. All of this stems from Starbucks raising the prices of their coffee after making a 31% increase in profits last year.

GH Spoilers  – Nancy Lee Grahn Believes Others Should Join Her

General Hospital’s Nancy is not only upset over Starbucks prices but their tendency to resist Unionization efforts as well. Grahn tweets, “Is it that hard to get a coffee somewhere else besides #Starbucks? We can actually hurt these Companies if we’d just collectively not buy their anti union overpriced S**t! #UnionsWork.” “I stopped Starbucks when the pandemic happened. Before that, I was going daily. I don’t miss it and I’m saving money. Coffee at home is just fine. Besides, they got rid of my Skinny Cinnamon Dolce so there is really no reason for me to go there anyway,” along with, “Horrible coffee. Coffee Te Leaf and Bean, or something like that. Or get Trader Joe’s Organic Fair Trade, make it yourself and take with. Cheaper, better for the planet and your taste buds.”

General Hospital Spoilers – Nancy Lee Grahn Confronted Coworkers As Well

General Hospital’s Nancy hasn’t only stood up against Starbucks. Nancy and Ingo Rademacher (ex-Jasper Jacks) bumped heads over issues as well. Not only was Nancy against Donald Trump, who Ingo supported, and Nancy didn’t. Nancy and Ingo, as well as Steve Burton (ex-Jason Morgan), clashed over Covid vaccine requirements as well. Grahn seemed to rejoice when both men lost their jobs over their refusal to be vaccinated. Nancy wanted a safe work environment even if it forced people to take vaccines that they didn’t believe in.
Nancy alone is not enough to shut down Starbucks. However, if Nancy’s followers jump on the bandwagon they could make a difference Will Starbucks executives pay attention to this boycott? Will a union finally get far wages for Starbucks workers?

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  1. Lee says

    I For One Never Got On The STARBUCKD
    BANDWAGON, I Always Felt It Was Over
    Pricef Mud, But Someone Wants Indulge
    Themselves That’s Thier Price To Pay
    Literally, NANCY LEE/ALEXIS Should Be
    Able To Drink What She Wants, When &
    If She Wants But Leave Othets To Be
    Able To Do The Same, But If She Had
    Anything To Do With STEVE/JASON
    Getting Fired Or INGO/JAX For Thar
    Matter Just To Have A Safe Work
    Environment Then Please NANCY/
    ALEXIS Just Back Off Your Bandwagon
    To Get Everyone On Your Soap To
    Think Like Yoy, Everyone Has The
    Right To Stand Up For What They
    Believe & The VACCINE & POLITICS
    Are Two Hot Button Subjects, It
    Took Me Along Time To Get The
    To Their Quest For CONTROL,
    The Reason I Did Was Because My
    Spouse Has A Chronic Health Issue.
    These 2 Great Actors Are Gone Never
    To Be Forgotten For Thoer Rolls, But
    There No Proof They Would Get The
    VIRUS Just Because They Did Not
    Believe In The Vaccine Alot Of People
    Still Don’t Thier Choice & Should Be,
    Steve & Ingo Have Gotten Work With
    Other Projects Without Being VACCINATED
    NANCY, If Your An Othetwise Healthy
    Person & You Follow Guidlines Then
    More Then Likely You Won’t Get It.
    And As Far As POLITICS GOES Any
    GOP Canidate Is Much Better Then
    Any Bag Of Rotten Bones That The
    Demonic-Rat’s Dig Up, BIDEN &
    HIS FAMILY Have Always Been
    EVER NOMINATED, It Shows Every
    Time He Opens His Mouth!

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