The Morphing Of American Idol Winner Laine Hardy In Photos

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 American Idol American Idol winner Laine Hardy looks completely different these days. Recall, back in his very first audition, he seemed cute, a bit chubby, and self-conscious because his teeth were damaged in an ATV accident. Well, his talent grew, and so did he. Now, we found five photos that show how the Country star morphed over the years

American Idol – Laine Hardy Has Good & Bad Fortunes

After winning the ABC show in 2019, the newly minted star didn’t produce much original content. Actually, it seemed like he might end up as just another flash in the pan. Obviously, the arrival of covid 19 set him back a bit. But, when he did produce new music, he quickly rose in popularity. So, by 2021, he was being touted as the top rising star in the Country Music scene.

For a while, the American Idol star went quiet on social media. That came along after the alarming news that he’d been arrested. Allegedly, he planted a bug in his former girlfriend’s dorm, thereby committing an offense. Since then, little news came out, but rumors suggested that the girl involved opted for a settlement out of court. Now that he returned to social media, he looks completely different.

American Idol – How Laine Morphed

The 2019 winner didn’t get completely shunned by the world, and he embarks on another tour. Additionally, he was featured in the Reunion Special for the ABC show this year. At the time, people realized that he’s not a cute little teenager anymore. As you can see below, he looked so loveable and cuddly at his first audition in 2018.

The Morphing Of American Idol Winner Lane Hardy In Photos
Idol Global / YouTube

When the American Idol wanna-be turned up for his 2019 audition, he went along to accompany someone else. Anyway, he did well, so the judges asked him to sing and then sent him through to Hollywood. In that audition, he looked a bit thinner, and he had gotten his teeth fixed. However, he was still very recognizable.

Laine Hardy American Idol 2019
Idol Global / YouTube

In 2020, the young star started changing his appearance, and some facial hair started appearing.

American Idol – Longish Hair And Even Thinner

In 2020, the American Idol winner shared some photos on Instagram that revealed he started to lose his clean-shaven appearance. In fact, he had also thinned down a lot. Actually, that might be due to the fact that he contracted Covid 19.

Laine grows facial hair in 2020
Laine Hardy / Instagram

In 2021, when Laine traveled overseas and performed for the US Military, he’d definitely grown his hair a bit longer. Additionally, his beard started to grow.

2022 on tour
@theLaineHarsdy / Instagram

When the American Idol winner appeared again on Instagram this week, he announced that he’s making more music. In his caption, he said, “been writing some new songs.. let me know what you think…“Party I Can Play.” Naturally, his many fans were delighted to see him back again. You can see in the photo below how he looks these days.

Idol Winner in 2022

If you had last seen Laine Hardy when he auditioned in 2018 and 2019, would you even recognize him if you passed him on the street? Shout out your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Margie Barnhill says

    Yes I would recognize him, still such a handsome young man.. Super talented with that sweet smoky voice..So happy he is back… Ready to Party with a Hardy❤️❤️

  2. Lori Nuernberg says

    I think he still looks as handsome as he ever did, loving the look. He is a very talented young man. He will be a big ⭐️!

  3. Mary Ellen Lewis says

    Yes I can always recognize him. He is very handsome and talented. He is the best singer that has come around in years. He also is the best AI ever.

  4. Mary Ellen Lewis says

    I can recognize him. Very handsome and talented. Best singer today and American Idol ever.

  5. Mary Ellen Lewis says

    I could recognize Laine Hardy anywhere with his beautiful smile and eyes. He is so talented

  6. Linda Kirkendall Busch says

    I would know Laine anyway!! If you Love him, you know him!!!

  7. ANN ROAM says

    Thank you for the ARTICLE………… Laine Hardy, was a WINNER long before he WON AMERICAN IDOL in 2019. Laine started his Am Idol journey when he was still in HIGH SCHOOL, now he turns 22 in September. Every person grows and changes in looks and style….that i nothing NEW especially in Country Music. Laine is still a sweetheart of a young man, with a generous heart and a sweet smile for anyone he meets. I will not ‘bother’ to mention the ‘arrest’; we all live and learn and when you are in the PUBLIC EYE, things happen for many reasons…. SO I WILL NOT TRY TO ‘GUESS’ what was behind this ‘arrest’…… AS YOU STATED ABOVE…….. I quote you JJ FLOWERS: … ” Since then, little news came out, but rumors suggested that the girl involved opted for a settlement out of court. Now that he returned to social media, he looks completely different.” i DO NOT KNOW ANY OF THE FACTS……. but I truly do not CARE WHAT THEY ARE and I would never ask ‘WHY’….because there is not answer to the question WHY?… Therefore, I will say. WELCOME BACK LAINE HARDY…… you have been greatly missed by your Fans Worldwide. Concerts are back on, July 29 in Missouri and July 30 in Oklahoma. Fans are flying in, driving in, attending the shows to SUPPORT LAINE HARDY on Stage. I FOR ONE WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT LAINE HARDY in his Music Journey. He has Talent, Natural Charisma, A smile that warms you heart……. AND……..A SPECIAL TALENT which will allow Laine a successful career in Country Music for decades and decades to come….. NO MATTER HOW HE WEARS HIS HAIR or whether ot not he shaves. FANS LOVE BEING SURPRISED by LAINE HARDY…………… ( A special THANK YOU from me, to all the FANS who have supported Laine through this confusing time.) Ann in California

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