1000-Lb Sisters Fans Erupt Into Safety Argument On Amy’s Birthday Post

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1000-Lb Sisters1000-Lb Sisters star Amy Halterman always wanted a child, and now she has two. These days, she still seems delighted that she lost enough weight to achieve the dream of motherhood. On her birthday this year, she shared some photos of herself with her adorable kids, Glenn and Gage. However, some folks accused her of not being a good mom. Therefore, an argument arose about safety.

1000-Lb Sisters – Star Amy Halterman Focuses On her Family

While Tammy Slaton makes mysterious suggestions about her status in life, her sister Amy focuses on being a mom to her sons and a wife to Michael Halterman. Actually, there are so many rumors about Tammy and her progress or regression with rehab and weight loss, that it seems people would rather chat about Amy.

At the beginning of the year, 1000-Lb Sisters started worrying about Amy because she seemed disinterested in taking her weight seriously. At the time, TLC fans saw that she felt depressed when the scale went up. So, she didn’t bother with it. Later, it turned out that she was actually pregnant again. It’s not clear what she weighs now, but she certainly looks happy and healthier than when she first appeared in the show.

1000-Lb Sisters – Argument About Safety

On October 28, Amy shared her birthday photos, and one of them showed herself in her van. In the photo, fans could see Gage. Her caption said, “Birthday selfie with my babies. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes.” 

Well, not everyone sent in birthday wishes and a huge argument erupted amongst her fans. That’s because Gage sat in a car seat that faced forward. At the base of it, some folks thought that Gage was way too little to face forward.

1000-Lb Sisters Fans Erupt Into Safety Argument On Amy's Birthday Post
Amy Halterman / Instagram

One 1000-Lb Sisters fan wrote, “Way to young to be forward facing 😳😳😳 (sic).” Well, if you don’t recall, Gage arrived on Planet Earth on November 10, 20920. So, he’s just shy of two years old. Others picked up the same thoughts that under two is too small.

One follower opined, “He is adorable! But I would definitely consider doing some research and turning him rearfacing until at least 2 or 3 mama! ❤️” And, the argument was launched!

1000-Lb Sisters – Do Research Says A Critic

When a 1000-Lb Sisters fan asked what age has got to do with it, the same person said, “According to the CDC and AAP it recommends at least 2.”  Then they added, “You should do some research mama! They’re safer RF as long as you can.” Well, someone claimed that it’s all about “size and he looks small.” 

The argument continued when a party to the discussion asked, “what does the center of disease have to do with car seats? My child was a year old when I turned him around and it was fine kids get scrunched in the back and if there is an accident you can bust their goddamn legs.”

Of course, that prompted someone to say, “You’re not gonna “bust their legs lol.”

According to CBS News, “The American Academy of Pediatrics used to recommend rear-facing seats for children until at least age 2.” However, they altered their guidelines in 2018 and want to see them rear-facing up to the age of four.

Recommendations seem to change all the time. What are your thoughts about Gage? Do you think that Amy Halterman should still have her son in a rear-facing car seat? Let us know in the comments below.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the TLC cast right now. Come back here often for more 1000-Lb Sisters spoilers, news, and updates.

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