American Idol Winner Laine Hardy Shares A New Song

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American Idol American Idol winner from season 17, Laine Hardy, looked like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth when he first tried out for the ABC show. By the time he won after his first attempt, he looked clean-cut, all-American, and ready to take on the world. However he lost a lot of his shine after his arrest. However, he’s still actively producing songs and now he dropped a snippet of a new one.

American Idol – Tours And Songs Since Laine Hardy’s Arrest

When the news broke that Laine was arrested for planting a bug in a woman’s room at uni, he went very quiet. Anyway, he ended up jailed for a bit, and reportedly, he cooperated with the cops. Not much has come out about the charges against him, and probably, he can’t talk about the case. Actually, if it all goes wrong, he could end up serving time for Interception and Disclosure of Wire, Electronic, or Oral Communication.

After his return to social media, folks who hadn’t seen him for a bit seemed shocked by his appearance. Long gone is the clean-shaven young man with short hair. Actually, the American Idol star seemed almost unrecognizable with his long hair and facial hair. However, his Country Music seems as good as ever. Now, he posted up on Instagram about a new song and asked fans for their opinion of it.

American Idol – Star Laine Shares ‘Songs About You’

Taking to Instagram on November 1, Laine sang a bit of his new song. In his caption, he said, “i’m just out here singin’ these songs about you…Short snippet of a song i wrote with @nobysidez & @rosefalcon.” Then he confirmed the title is “Songs About You.”  Next, he asked his fans to “let me know what you think!”

American Idol Winner Laine Hardy Shares New Song
Laine Hardy / Instagram

American Idol fans were quick to answer. They heard some of the lyrics which included, “I’ll make you worth it/ I promise you.” And, “Your memory is a melody I hold on to.”  Easy listening, he probably gets a lot of people interested in downloading it. In fact, one fan suggested that it was the “best yet.”

American Idol – Fans React To The New Song

American Idol fans who still follow Laine Hardy seemed very impressed. Here’s a small sample of their reactions to “Songs About You.”

Honestly, you sound better every song. Such talent! When can we expect a release of a new song?

I just love it !! 💞🎶

SO GOOD! Best yet.

Sounds awesome!!!”

Unlike happier days before his arrest, Laine didn’t get thousands of folks responding to the post on Instagram. Perhaps fans wait to see the outcome of his arrest and charges. After all, nobody wants to see the downfall of someone they once looked up to.

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