Will Dancing With The Stars Return To ABC Next Year?

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Will Dancing With The Stars Return To ABC Next Year?Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) fans were really irritated when the announcement came that the show would migrate to Disney+ from ABC. For a lot of people, another paid subscription was a stretch on tight budgets. And others simply hated the idea of change. So, might it just be a temporary change and will it return to ABC next year? Read on to find out.

Dancing With The Stars Pro-Dancers Talked About The Move

When the news arrived that the show would move, no professional dancers slammed the idea. In fact, most of them felt it was a good thing. For example, Alan Bersten was excited about the size of the streaming platform. So, he thought that the viewership might increase. Meanwhile, others liked the idea of no commercials. After all, it would give folks more time to see the dancing.

On the subject of Dancing With The Stars and no commercials, it turned out that a lot of fans didn’t like it. After all, folks are used to going to the bathroom during the breaks. Additionally, it’s an opportunity to grab a snack or make a phone call. Right now, some people complain that watching the show without breaks is simply way too much.

Dancing With The Stars Rumors About Returning To ABC

This weekend, The Sun carried a story about the possible future of the show. According to a source, the show probably won’t return to ABC. Furthermore, it isn’t clear that the ratings are even good enough to keep it going on Disney+. That rumor isn’t verifiable, especially as no ratings have been released so far.

Dancing With The Stars Fans Say 'No' To Contestants With Dancing Experience
Dancing with the Stars / YouTube

The outlet noted about Dancing With The Stars that “Amid rumors of sinking ratings, there has been talk of the series being scrapped altogether after 2023.” their source also told the magazine, “It is making some dancers nervous about the future.” Unfortunately, if the source is correct, it’s a long “journey” to get the show just right, so everyone must just be “patient.” 

Long Journey Is Better Than Canning The Show

There is a bit of contradiction with the latest Dancing With The Stars rumor. While saying the show could be canned, the source also talks about a “journey” and “patience.” At least it doesn’t sound like the execs plan on pulling the plug too soon.

What are your thoughts about these rumors? Do you think that 2023 might be the end of the show? Are you sad to hear that the show might stay on Disney+ and never return to ABC? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Kathy Morgan says

    I LOVE DWTS!!! No matter what platform or network/streaming or not, I will do my best to keep watching it! This season has had more celebrities than in quite a while! I love it and always vote, so I pray that it keeps going! While no Hosts can compare to Tom and Erin, I really love that they added Alfonso! I like it with two co-hosts.

  2. SUE ANGOVE says

    It would be great if Dancing with the Stars did return to ABC next year. I know many people that are upset because they cannot watch the show as they cannot afford to have to pay to see it. PLEASE return it to ABC so we can watch it again.. Being on a fixed income as many of us are…there is no way we can pay to watch one of our favorite shows!!! Our tv is our main entertainment and when we lose our favorite shows, it is very upsetting!!!!

  3. Charmaine Morey says

    For me, it’s the principle of trying to force people to spend more money. We can afford the special stations but I refuse. Wake up and think of your loyal fans.
    When Bed Bath and Beyond got woke and dropped Mike Lindell, I dropped them. Now they are closing many of their stores.

  4. C.M. says

    While we can afford the subscription fee, I refuse to do it. We already pay too much to AT&T for programming….and then they drop Newsmax and last year OAN! I am looking for a different company…one that doesn’t try to stifle conservative views.

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