Did Dancing With The Stars Host Tyra Act Inappropriately With Trevor?

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Did Dancing With The StarsDancing With The Stars spoilers revealed that Tyra Banks made errors and mistakes on the Disney+ show in season 31. Of course, her detractors love it when she messes up because they can diss her on social media. This week, they slammed her for what they thought was inappropriate behavior with Trevor Donovan.

Dancing With The Stars – Fans Like Emma Slater and Trevor Donovan

Trevor Donovan and Emma Slater brought a lot of chemistry to the show with their dancing. Meanwhile, Tyra didn’t bring anything different from previous years on ABC. Actually, those folks who do not like her very much slammed her for a lot of things. In fact, many people think that Alfonso Ribiera should have hosted the show alone.

Dancing With The Stars fans were still busy mocking Tyra Banks for her lame joke about Len Goodman’s dancing in Argentina when she made another move that annoyed them. Mind you, at least she didn’t rip her shirt off like Derek Hough did after he watched Gabby Windey’s routine. The latest reason to complain about Tyra Banks came with Trevor Donovan.

Dancing With The Stars – Inappropriate Tyra Banks?

Trevor and Emma got Bruno Tonioli raving about their performance. But Tyra was way more interested in Trevor’s underwear.  Well, the waistband did stick up above his jeans. And fans didn’t mind seeing it as it looked good. Obviously taken with the underwear, Tyra, with a history in fashion, admired it. But critics felt she went too far.

Dancing With The Stars Host Tyra Act Inappropriately With Trevor
Disney via u/thatDogPerson / Reddit

When Dancing With The Stars viewer U/thatDogPerson posted about it on Reddit, others agreed that Tyra was inappropriate. That’s because she reach out and ran her fingers across the band. Unamused DWTS fans felt that it was way too invasive. And one of them opined, “That was so inappropriate. You know there would’ve been outrage if the roles were reversed.”

Dancing With The Stars – Dinsey+ Fans Slam Tyra

Dancing With The Stars critics who agreed that Tyra Banks took things too far were quick to slam her. One follower wrote, “Imagine if Tom had done this to Alexis Ren or something… He would have been fired on the spot and Erin would have solo hosted the rest of the show.”

Meanwhile, u/Anonymousgoose64 wrote, “She can’t go one episode without doing/saying something inappropriate 💀.”

One angry follower noted, “First announcing Suni’s “tummy problems” and now this? Just disgusting and rude🤢🤮.”


What are your thoughts? Do you think that Tyra Banks took it too far when she ran her finger across the waistband of Trevor’s underwear? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Avery Smith says

    It would be tough not to touch Trevor Donovan’s abs, I don’t blame her. They were both in the fashion industry, so I don’t think he minded. It was innocent fun.

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