Vanderpump Rules Star Lala Kent Dumps Don Moves On

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Vanderpump RulesVanderpump Rules star Lala Kent seemed set for life with Randall Emmett so Bravo fans were shocked when they split. Bear in mind, they had their beautiful daughter Ocean together. Clearly distressed, fans just hoped that Lala would maintain her sobriety. Anyway, she did, but she still wants to have some fun so she started dating again. Now, she explained why Don Lopez, a model, didn’t last very long.

Vanderpump Rules – Star Lala Kent Is Very Cautious

One bitten, twice shy made Lala Kent very suspicious of men for a while. So these days, she vets them before she dates. Just because she has a little girl doesn’t mean she wants to rush into another relationship. So, on her roster of guys, they better behave, or out the door they go. If you worry about Ocean, these men are not involved in her life, and Lala’s determined to protect her daughter.

Vanderpump Rules fans saw that Lala posted up a photo of a guy with a lot of tattoos. At the time, Bravo fans thought that she was falling in love with him. Anyway, he turned out to be named Don Lopez and he’s a model. A few days ago, Lala opened up on why he was shown the door and she talked about moving on with someone else already.

Vanderpump Rules – Star Lala Kent Opened A Can Of Worms

Speaking on Radio Andy, the Bravo star explained that she regretted sharing about Don on social media. Apparently, things were going well and she found fun in“the bedroom.” However, she said that when she “posted a thirst trap,” things went wrong. Apparently, “a lot of doors opened to people saying certain things, and now I’ve got to scratch him off the roster.”

Vanderpump Rules Star Lala Kent Dumps Don Moves On
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Allegedly, the Vanderpump Rules star got some tips that Don Lopez might not actually be Mr. Right, so she already moved on from him.  Wanna know who the next man is? Well, for now, she’s keeping him secret. Certainly, it seems like social media isn’t the place to post your date.

Vanderpump Rules – How Serious Was She About Don?

Vanderpump Rules fans who saw her talking with Jeff Lewis noticed that it became clear that Don was really just a handy hump for Lala Kent. Emphatically, she said that she’s not interested in getting to know anyone.”  For now, she’s happy enough just enjoying a good time without all the messy and serious things that formal dating would bring into her life.

What are your thoughts about Lala dumping Don Lopez? Do you think that if she relaxes and enjoys a good time that one day, she might actually find the right guy for her? Let us know in the comments below.

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