Has Sister Wives Star Janelle Hinted Reports Of Her Dumping Kody Are Real?

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Sister Wives Sister Wives fans saw a story by InTouch Weekly this week that claimed Janelle Brown had “officially split” from Kody.  While a lot of people cheered the news, many people took it all with a pinch of salt. After all, there have been plenty of similar stories over the years. However, a keen-eyed blogger spotted something that might indicate that Kody’s second wife really did leave him for good.

Sister Wives – Fans Questioned The Report That Janelle Brown Split

Many people dissed the news because the split announcement didn’t come from either Kody or Janelle. Recall, when rumors were confirmed about Christine Brown leaving, it came via an announcement by both of them on social media. This time, it came from a source, and that, in the minds of Redditors pointed to it just being another rumor. After all, nothing came from Janelle who simply posted up a photo of Savanah’s 18th birthday.

Sister Wives skeptics reasoned that Janelle gave Christine advice about being finally independent before she left the family. So, the fact that her names still remain on the Coyote Pass property indicates that Janelle hasn’t gotten her money back from the purchase. Everyone knows that she helped to pay for Robyn’s McMansion. Actually, she rued that day in season 17 on TLC.

Sister Wives – Star Janelle Brown Leaves A HInt On Instagram

After the news about the official split came from InTouch Weekly, fans and bloggers started checking to see if either Kody or Janelle had posted up about splitting. So, far, neither of them did. But, Katie Joy of “Without A Crystal Ball” thinks that she spotted a hint. In her profile, Kody’s second wife edited it to say, “Just Me 😃.”

Has Sister Wives Star Janelle Hinted Reports Of Her Dumping Kody Are Real
Janelle Brown via Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

Until now, the clearest hint that the Sister Wives star might have left Kody Brown is the fact that Kody sat with Robyn and not Logan’s mom when he married Michelle Petty, Admittedly, Gwendlyn Brown said Janelle already left her dad, but Gwen’s not always trustworthy and seems to like pushing buttons. So, the small change to the profile made TLC fans happy.

Sister Wives – TLC Fans Comment

Sister Wives fans who saw Katie Joy’s post reacted to the hint. A follower said, “Good for her! She will not regret it. And Janelle, it’s not just you, it’s you and your awesome kids! That’s what matters!”

Meanwhile, another person asked, “I wonder if they have to wait until the finale of the show to make an official announcement so they can show something “interesting” for next season?”

Of course, that is a massive possibility. Mind you, it might not be that exciting to watch Kody throw more tantrums and revisit every single point about why he feels so butt-hurt.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that the small hint from Janelle confirms that the couple really split? Shout out in the comments below.

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